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State of the Onion Brigade... Part II
Submitted by sam on Wed, 04/19/2006 - 14:07.

I have been getting some requests for information on the clan in general with respect to statistics of the membership and what-not, so I thought it was high-time I did another update similar to the one I did 2 years ago. So, without further ado... I present the April 2006 State of the Onion Brigade Address[1].

Site Statistics

The really hard data I have with respect to clan membership all comes from the website. All statistics are as of 2006-04-18 @ 10:16am EDT.

  • Accounts on the website : 224 registered users
  • Accounts that post : 186 accounts have posted something to the site
  • Regular posters : 51 accounts post something to site regularly[2]
  • Averages for March 2006 :
    41430 Hits to website per day[3]
    21716 Pages served per day
    2187  Unique visitors per day[3]

  • Totals for March 2006 :
    1284337 Hits to website[3]
    673206  Pages served
    67813   Unique visitors[3]
    16225653 Kilobytes transfered (approx 16 GB)[4]

  • Totals for the year of Mar. 2005 to Mar. 2006 :
    8019971  Hits to website[3]
    2198378  Pages served
    442974   Unique visitors[3]
    126648392 Kilobytes transfered (approx 120.8 GB)

LS Statistics

This is harder to figure out because I have to basically eyeball it. However, for the days I was here and online[5] I came up with the following estimates:

  • Average users in LS during peak times: 36 [6]
  • Average turnout for most recent events: 15.4 people [7]

So there's the statistics as I know them. This concludes my never annual report :-)


  • [1] : If you don't know, this title refers to a silly series of quests in Windurst. Back when we first did one of these posts, we were 90% Windurst people.
  • [2] : By this I mean they post more than 4 posts per month. This can mean one post per week, or someone who just posts 4 times in one day. Silly, I know.
  • [3] : For those unfamiliar with how web-site statistics work, allow me to explain. Every time you view any page on this website it counts as a hit. However, if you make 100 hits, you are still only one visitor. Thus, hits indicates how many times the site was contacted and visitors indicates how many of those hits were actually unique and different people.
  • [4] : This is how much data is transfered per month. It does not include any data that I link in from
  • [5] : If you recall, I was gone for quite a bit in March and April.
  • [6] : Taken from a sampling I did on 14 different days I was online and remembered to count. These days were both during peak times during the week, as well as peak times during weekend.
  • [7] : Average from the last 7 events for which we have statistics on this website for. I could have gone back further, but, meh... too lazy. It should be noted this number is a bit high considering of the last 7 events I have statistics for, 5 of them were Garrisons.


Holy shit! that is so much bandwidth this site sucks down.

and this is shared with other servers, right? do you go over your limit much?



RAWR I'm a regular poster... rawr! XD

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