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What nation are you from (part II)?
Submitted by sam on Mon, 04/17/2006 - 14:32.
44% (7 votes)
San d'Oria
31% (5 votes)
25% (4 votes)
Total votes: 16


How are you enjoying the new expansion so far?

o It is the cat's meow.

o It's okay

o I've seen better

o I demand a refund, this expansion is garbage

o Don't have it


or u can do one saying...
How many hours of sleep a night do u get?
a) 4 or less
b) between four and five and a half
c) between five and a half and seven
d) between seven and nine
e) over twelve hours?

or change the numbers round and such

Great Idea!

But the poll needs to make a distinction between weekdays and weekends. I get 6-7 hours during the week and 10-12 hours on the weekend lol.

Here ya go

Sam i know you were trying to think of some new polls... These might be some throw backs to older ones but bare with me.

1. What Rank are you on
- 1-1
- 1-2
- 9-1 etc...
2. Which Chocobo do you most often use
- Lower Jueno
- Mea craige
- Bastok Mines etc...
3. How much do you spend on FFXI in a month
- 12.95
- 13.95
- too much or i buy gill etc...
4. What other MMORPG's are you playing
- WoW
- Maple Story
- Mu
- Everqueer
- D&D online etc...
5. How do you solve ingame problems?
- Call and wine to a GM
- Contact the help desk
- steal mobs
- Converse
- Throw gil at it till it goes away etc...
6. I suffer from:
- Narcalepsy
- FFXI PMS Syndrom
- Delisons of Granduer
- Mithra inflicted STDs etc...
7. I often want to _______ my moogle.
- Roast
- Pet
- Stabb
- Dress etc...
i know you probly want use these but it might inspire your creative juices once again ^^


Number 5 needs another option

- Whine to Sam/Maior

....At least, that seems to be what I see... and why I make posts like this..

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I have a question. If we have so many people from windy in the shell. then why do we not do a garrison in an area that windy ownes? We only do sandy and bastok most of the time. It could give us some different options when doing a garrison. Also I know that there is an intrest in windy people doing them because I have seen Maior and Tamara in almost all of the ones I have ever been in.
Just an Idea

a few points

We have done Windurst and San d'Oria - I know because I farmed for it and got an item! Yeaaa! =^_^=

Bastok Garrisons we have low attendence for traders.

We attempted the Pashow Marshlands Garrison and got trounced.


This is perhaps before my time... has ClanAM ever tried the higher level Garrisons?

For the older members, is this something that would be of interest - as an event?


We once tried (disasterously, I might add) a 50 capped one (maybe it was 40 capped, I could be remembering wrong).

I'd really like to try higher level ones, but unfortunately, our strategy doesn't seem to apply the same with the higher ones.... and there is very little information out there on higher level Garrison strategies.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Let's try one?

I don't mind dying a few times to work out a strategy - hell it would be something new to do as a group!

Interest from any others?

Sanctuary of Zi'tah

Sanctuary of Zi'tah has an Outpost and a Garrison.

I was actually thinking of doing this before one realizes you should do some more research:
1) worth doing because you fight goblins again and the same strategies may apply
2) the same strategies may not apply because as the Garrison goes up the mob abilites ALSO apparently go up - the BLM's get a lot more AOE spells
3) Drops. Part of the fun of Garrisons are the drops and it turns out you should (need?) to research items dropped - Sanctuary of Zi'tah appears to have no drops worthy of the increased level of effort (just Variable Cape)

The above is a good example of the research one would need to put into other Garrisons. To be truthful with the new expansion out I don't see Garrison being a high priority for FFXI research time with me.

Zi'Tah Gob Garrison

Yes, that's what I was thinking as well.

Also, I was concerned about BLM AoE spells at this level, because there are many mobs around the outpost that are hard for level 50s to kill (don't want to accidentally add something we don't want to kill).

I still think this is one that would be the most likely for a 50-cap. The big problem would be farming as you really need a 70+ job to comfortably farm here.

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It was only a thought..

Meh. I didn't mean to imply that we should do one any time soon (or begin researching), it was more a question of would there EVER be an interest to do one.

I didn't want to suggest one (although, I have two in mind) as I was uncertain that this could be a viable event.

Plus - I can't get onto FFXI! fhbuyghy8egrfbosyhfdwque82767y!!!

Off to class - seminar in business policy and strategic management is teh rock0rz!1!six

try easing into one

go to quifim its 25 cap this won't be a huge jump and you might be able to see if the same tatics work, or re attempt pashow... its a good starting point if it doesn't end up like before you might be able to attempt higher ones than that.


Actually, I think right now we have more Sandorians than anyone else. It just may not be representative of who actually shows up on the site.



No no no, most of the time we do Windy and Sandy owned areas.

The few times we've done Bastok controlled areas we either don't have anyone from Bastok with their items (if you recall, this was how your last garrison went) or we only have enough to do one or two Garrisons in the Bastok regions :-P

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Partly because I'm running out of poll ideas and partly because the layout of the clan has changed so much, this is a throwback to an older poll.

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In two weeks

In two weeks you can poll for those who have already purchased and installed the new expansion. Expansion scheduled to ship tomorrow (Tuesday)

Which says a lot more than those who are THINKING about purchasing it.


Of course I'll do that...

..I already did that with CoP..

Man... I've been out of good poll ideas for a while now...

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Maior, after this poll, could u do one for rank? Im interested in who is under rank 5. Rank 5 is such a big milestone id like to get some more people to it. If i know how many are on what parts it could help. Thanks

What rank are you?


Rank is hard because it is highly dependent on nation.

E.g., just because someone is Rank 6 in Windurst doesn't mean they can join in and help someone who is Rank 6 in San d'Oria.

That being said, this isn't a topic I've had a poll on before, so I'll probably do it.

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Cheer Up!

You have lots of good poll opportunities showing up with the new expansion!

After a bit you can poll as to what job (out of all of FFXI jobs) was the biggest disappointment once we had leveled it for a bit! LOL!

And you can poll on which expansion (of the three) had the best series of new quests and/or new missions!

And with the new expansion you can always poll on which was the silliest NPC we have every encountered! LOL! For me, currently, it would have to either be Mamaulabion in Norg (whom you can encounter in the game) or Prishe (whom I have only encountered in cut scenes).

Mamaulabion was so silly I never did understand what he was asking me for! LOL!


He is actually asking for items that you get after fighting the Prime Avatars. Next time you fight one and go turn in your whisper; scroll down to the very bottom of the list and you will see some wierd item. The one I have is from Garuda and it is called "Bubbly Water" These items are for the "Evokers Ring" and you need an item from each of the avatars. Garuda, Ramuh, Shiva, Titan, Levithan, Ifrit, and Fenrir. once you have all of these "Special items" you go and trade them in for your ring.
(I would like to credit Arbelast for this information. Cause before he told me I had no clue either haha) And this may not be excatly how to do this quest but it is the general Idea. Look it up and if I am wrong then tell me.

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