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After Tuesday April 18th (ToAU and FFXI XBOX 360 release), which platform will be your primary one for playing FFXI?
Submitted by sam on Tue, 04/11/2006 - 13:34.
22% (4 votes)
XBOX 360
22% (4 votes)
Windows (PC)
50% (9 votes)
Linux or BSD (PC, using Transgaming Cedega)
6% (1 vote)
Total votes: 18

What Drifter Said

Yes this date does not mean that much to me because what I would like to be able to do is play FFXI on the PS3. That will likely be my final FFXI platform.

Yes I know I am probably looking at twelve months out.

...Twelve months out

...and a game that Squeenix hasn't confirmed will even be ported to the PS3....

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I dont think waiting for a port will be needed. At least if you have the PS2 disks because PS3 is backwards compatible and is comfirmed to have a HDD. But a port like the 360 one would be nice.

Backwards compatible?

That's not something I've heard confirmed.

Understand, backwards compatibility is a tough thing to do. In the case of the PS2, it was essentially a PS1 on a chip (that took the place of some much needed VRAM, and Sony took serious flak for that). In the 360, it's a software emulator that requires the HDD and is error prone at best.

The PS3 will be using a radically different architecture than the PS2 as well (PPC "Cell" which has this fancy and overy-complex Octopiler that no one really understands yet, versus the old MIPS-based "Emotion Engine" in the PS2).

Long story short, as someone with significant engineering experience, I'll be extremely surprised if the PS3 is both backwardly compatible with the PS2 and released before the end of this year.

This also will mean that porting to the PS3 will be significantly more difficult than simply porting the PC game to the 360 (the 360 uses a very similar API to the PC, just on a different arch). So, as I said elsewhere, I'd really doubt that this game will make it to the PS3 any time soon (if at all).

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I thought i read somewhere that it said it will be but this is what i read.
"It's hard to say the PlayStation 3 will be 100 percent backwards compatible, but as we said earlier this year, we aim to make it so as much as possible," - Sakamoto
SO it may not be 100% and if its not 100% sure it wont be with FFXI. Lets hope they do a port to PS3 though.


That's the thing, you cannot be 100% backwardly compatible.

We had this discussion today in IRC (#clanam on, with an emulator you will invariably not be able to reproduce the architecture 100%. It just isn't possible. It's the reason why emulators (like when running FFXI in WINE under Linux) need tweaking after the fact.

Locked down emulators (like the one you see in the 360) simply cannot be tweaked after the fact.

So if you're ever hoping for 100% backwards compatibility with any emulated video game console, you will always be disappointed.

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Yay Linux!

Is it really possible to play FFXI using Linux? This game is the only reason I still have Windows on my computer at all. I would like to know more about this. Does it work well "out of the box". Or is there alot of tinkering needed to get it working right?

See my link below

I already anticipated your question and posted a link to the site.

As to how well it works, I have no clue. I hear that the controller doesn't work, so you'd be stuck with keyboard and mouse at best.

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Thanks for the offer, but I'll have to pass.

FFXI only got a 1/5 playabilty rating. Seems likely to lead to frustration. I'll wait till they get the bugs worked out.


1/5 isn't true.

What is true that, with tweaking of your Wine environment you can get FFXI to run pretty well. You need an nVidia card with good support, but the cool thing is once it works you can run it windowed all the time (without a windower, like you need in Win32).

There is no support for the controller, but I'm a mouse and keyboard guy anyway.



ps2 for ever!!!

360 stability concerns

Thus far, every 360 game I've played has had stability problems. My money on what is causing this is the dashboard (which is part of an omnipresent API that all 360 games use... very cool idea, but also the weakest link).

Anyway, if the FFXI 360 version is as stable as the rest of the 360 fare, I will likely be using my PS2 version for muling and things of a critical nature.

In the 2+ years I've played now, my PS2 FFXI has never crashed. I've muled and kept my PS2 online for upwards of 3 or 4 days and not had any problems.

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I may have voted prematurely.

I am considering buying a 360 (for FFXI, Oblivion and the ESPN/Madden games). However, I am not interested in spending $4,325 on an EB Games bundle.

Hopefully, there is Best Buy or “Mom ‘n Pop” in my area that has the system à la carte.

Check it

I went into Best Buy last week and, sure enough, they have them.

Apparently MS has decided to ship a lot more consoles in April to ensure they can catch a lot of FFXI players as well as get enough consoles out there to really compete with the PS3 when it eventually comes out. Best Buy has a promotion this month where they promise to have 360s in stock every day (1 per customer, not available online). I'd check them out.

Also, get Oblivion... that game kacks ass. Holy crap am I impressed. And get Perfect Dark as well so that Ravenclaw and I don't have to do bot-kill matches over in ClanAM 360.

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Ohhh the color...

ClanAM 360 has the benefit of nice color selection...what's up with that?


What the hell you talking about, Willis?

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Teh colorz1!

I just like the color selection on the 360 page; Hm.. material for Trix to make fun of me with?

Also, fyi: Best Buy in my area sucks - Core 360s onry!

COLORZ LOLZ!!!111elventeen

Bah, I just pick color themes to make for each site. Not a big deal.

As for Core 360s, get it. I've found everyone and their dog has the HDD in stock. Hell, a local grocery store had some in the rental department last time I went there.

Also, I'd probably just get an external USB2 HDD. The 360 HDD is like 20 megs, it's insanely small for the price. The 360 is compatible with many many different USB drives, and for the same price you can get an even bigger drive. As long as FFXI works on that drive (and I have no reason to think it wont) you'd be better off in the long run. Since it's USB2.0, it should be fast enough for games as well.

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r u gonna make a ps3 one? lol


Quite probably I will make a PS3 site... later, once it comes out.

Honestly, the PS3 will need to have a real online gaming infrastructure like the XBOX before I want to devote a whole site to it.

I know I made the exception for the PSP, but that is exceptional because it is a portable system with online gaming :-)

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PS3 Online

Ya I heard that PS3s online will be like XBOX kind of. Which i think is awesome. I love XBox Live i just hate that you have to pay for it with PS3 online i think they said it will be free which is awesomeness.


How come 360 users get a site?! huh thats not fair. oh ya PC ALL THE WAY. then PS3 when that comes out....

~Xilling is a joy of life~

About Cedega

I know of at least one gamer in our midst who plays FFXI under Linux or BSD (he's a BSD user, but I'd wager he's playing under Linux... I could be wrong though).

Anyway, what he is using, for those who are curious, is this.

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