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If we had clan Optical Hat and/or cluster item runs, would you be interested?
Submitted by sam on Wed, 12/28/2005 - 15:49.
Yes, I would love to do cluster item runs, and am high enough to join.
8% (1 vote)
Yes, I would love to do O.Hat runs, and am high enough to join.
0% (0 votes)
Yes, I would love to do both runs, and am high enough to join.
33% (4 votes)
I am not high enough to join (~65+).
58% (7 votes)
Total votes: 12

The O.Hat quest

For those who don't know what this is all about, let me explain.

The Optical Hat is a level 70 Rare/EX headpiece that is equippable by all jobs. It gives +10 Accuracy, +10 Ranged Accuracy, and +10 Evasion. This makes it perfect for any job that will be meleeing past 70. It is by no means a critical item past 70, but it certainly is something that most of us want :-)

To get the O.Hat you need to collect 5 items from slimes around the world:
* Burning Hakutaku Eye
* Damp Hakutaku Eye
* Earthen Hakutaku Eye
* Golden Hakutaku Eye
* Wooden Hakutaku Eye

Some of these (Burning and Earthen Hakutaku Eyes) can be obtained by parties in their low to mid 60s, but most will require groups to be 65+ in order to participate (with some, Woodens in particular, needing 70+).

Once you have each of these eyes, a high level Alchemist must craft them into a "Hakutaku Eye Cluster". (It should be noted that, up to here, you can just buy these things from people.)

After you have the cluster, you take it to a ??? inside the Den of Rancor and spawn a HNM known as "Hakutaku". This guy is nasty, and will require an alliance of 70+ people to take him down.

More information on this can be found here.

I know that we certainly have enough people high enough to do some Hakutaku Eye runs, but I am trying to gauge both interest and if we have enough people high enough to even attempt the O.Hat runs themselves.

Vis Maior's Journeys

i know this is a little dated

i know this is a little dated, but the rush is on for Golagres, and myself to hit 62. We are currently 56 and 55 with our mains respectivly.

Hell yes!

I've been trying to get Sam to do more stuff like this for a while now... I even want him to start planning a HNMLS patterned after ClanAM (so I can have one that isn't so full of fucking drama! gawd all the HNMLS's on our server suck!)

I know we have plenty for the cluster item runs, and I bet we almost have enough for the hat runs. However, I'd like to start easy with cluster runs and save the hat runs until later (since those are so sucky).



First of all, I am in total agreement here. I would like to farm eyes as a group long before ever attempting the Hakutaku fight. I know full well exactly how nasty this fight is, having been on a couple myself (not for my own hat yet, sadly). For the O.Hat runs, I assume we will have to alliance ourselves with some others... but everyone I know now in our group past 70 is friends with at least one other 70+ person, so I know we could do it. Even still, I don't want to do any O.Hat runs that I lead up until we are all good and ready.

As for the HNMLS idea you've been pushing for months on me now, I really don't have the time to start another group. I know that in a month or two we will likely have an alliance of 70+ people here (hell, we may have it now), but I still don't want to start one up.

See, if I started one, then I wouldn't have time for both groups. And I'm sorry, there just aren't enough groups out there that do all the fun lower-level stuff that we do. How many other groups have monthly Garrison runs? Or promy events? Or run help people with difficult quests and missions? If I started an HNMLS, even if we had the membership for it, the current clan would suffer because I wouldn't be able to divide my time up equally between the two. One would always be more demanding than the other.

I'm sorry if you find the other HNMLSes on our server to be so full of drama that they're unpleasent, but I just don't have the time to head up a new one.

Now, who knows.... maybe give me a few months and I'll change my mind. But for now, I am committed to what we're doing in ClanAM, and to leading up events and activities that people from a wide range of levels can enjoy.

Vis Maior's Journeys

My 2 cents

I'm so there. I know a few people in the LS that would really like an O-hat and can ask some friends to come along if you all want.

Regarding HNMLS: I think one of the best things about ClanAM is the fact that we help each other out and do the lower lvl stuff.

I personally, at this point, have no interest in joining an HNMLS. Camping monsters for 3 hours is not my idea of fun. With that being said, whatever direction ClanAM goes and if there is a need for a BRD - I'm there. I'm so committed to the people of this LS, so just let me know what you need (O-hat run or otherwise).

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