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Summoner's 101a
Submitted by Avatar76 on Sun, 12/25/2005 - 15:39.

Hello Clan,
Welcome new and old Summoner's where we can talk about Summoner's Job's and Sub Jobs... Basically we can discuss wht is a Summoner and How they fit in the Game of FF11... If there are any questions this a nice place to figure out what and how we can help each other out... We have a nice grp of smn's in the clan... As a smn we can kite and lower a mobs hit points and give time for melee and mages to rest up on long battles... But also there is much more that can be done as a smn besides healing whn u reach lvl 70... Getting nice gear is good also... I usually buy as much mana ups as I can get... Being elvaan help w/ Hit points and Vit's and RSE gear helps where am lacking such as Int and Mana...

Hope this will help most every1 whn doing Summoner... Would like to see some Melee lvling whm and Summoner... PS. Glad that the ClanAM grp is lvling up rather nicely... with all types of jobs...


Main Usage:

Lunar abilities, excellent monster debuffs.
Ecliptic abilities, excellent party enhance buffs.
65+ damage abilities.
Mana Consumption: 3-12 mana per tic.

2 Hour Name Mana Description
2 hour Howling Moon 44+ Massive area effect dark damage nuke.

Level Ability Mana Description
5 Moonlit Charge 17 Melee attack and darkness effect.
10 Crescent Fang 19 Melee attack and paralysis effect.
24 Lunar Cry 41 Evade and accuracy reduced on monster.
32 Lunar Roar 27 Area effect debuff of 2 enhancing effects.
43 Ecliptic Growl 46 Party stats buff for 3 minutes.
54 Ecliptic Howl 57 Party accuracy and evade buff for 3 minutes.
65 Eclipse Bite 109 Melee attack X 3.


Main Usage:

Slowga, excellent area effect slow for fast chaining parties.
Spring Water, heals party and cures Blind, Silence, Petrified, Paralysed, Sickness, Poison, and Sleep.
70+ damage abilities.
Mana Consumption: 3-12 mana per tic.

2 Hour Name Mana Description
2 hour Tidal Wave 44+ Massive area effect water damage nuke.

Level Ability Mana Description
1 Barracuda Dive 8 Melee attack.
10 Water II 24 Water II nuke.
26 Tail Whip 49 Melee attack and gravity effect on target.
33 Slowga 48 Area effect slow.
47 Spring Water 99 Party heal (47 HP + Level X 3) and dispel.
60 Water IV 118 Water IV nuke.
70 Spinning Dive 164 Melee attack.
75 Grand Fall - Water element nuke to target.


Main Usage:

Thunderspark, good basic AE damage and paralysis effect
Rolling Thunder , party buff that lasts 1 minute to enhance the parties attack 15%.
Lightning Armor, damage shield buff to add damage and stun to the monster.
70+ damage abilities.
Mana Consumption: 3-12 mana per tic.

2 Hour Name Mana Description
2 hour Judgement Bolt 44+ Massive area effect lightening damage nuke.

Level Ability Mana Description
1 Shock Strike 6 Area effect causing damage and stun.
10 Thunder II 24 Thunder II nuke.
19 Thunderspark 38 Area effect causing damage and paralysis.
31 Rolling Thunder 52 Thunder damage to the parties melee attacks.
42 Lightning Armor 91 Party damage/stun shield buff Thunder Spikes.
60 Thunder IV 118 Thunder IV nuke.
70 Chaos Strike 164 Melee attack X 3 and stun.
75 Thunder Storm - Thunder element nuke to target.


Main Usage:

Crimson Howl, increases the melee attack of the party by 15% for a time boost.
70+ damage abilities.
Mana Consumption: 3-12 mana per tic.

2 Hour Name Mana Description
2 hour Inferno 44+ Massive area effect fire damage nuke.

Level Ability Mana Description
1 Punch 9 Melee attack.
10 Fire II 24 Fire II nuke.
23 Burning Strike 48 Fire attack.
30 Double Punch 56 Melee attack X 2.
38 Crimson Roar 84 Party buff attack power +15% for short time.
60 Fire IV 118 Fire IV nuke.
70 Flame Crush 164 Melee attack X 3.
75 Meteor Strike - Fire element nuke to target.


Main Usage:

Frost Armor, will damage or paralyze the monster each time it hits the party.
Sleepga, AE sleep is excellent for crowd control of monsters.
70+ damage abilities.
Mana Consumption: 3-12 mana per tic.

2 Hour Name Mana Description
2 hour Diamond Dust 44+ Massive area effect ice damage nuke.

Level Ability Mana Description
1 Axe Kick 10 Melee attack.
10 Blizzard II 24 Blizzard II nuke.
28 Frost Armor 68 Party damage/paralyze shield buff Ice Spikes.
40 Sleepga 54 Area effect sleep.
50 Double Slap 96 Melee attack X 2.
60 Blizzard IV 118 Blizzard IV nuke.
70 Rush 164 Melee attack X 5.
75 Heavenly Strike - Ice element nuke to target.


Main Usage:

Blink (Aerial Armor), party will randomly evade melee or magical damage up to three times.
Hastega, accelerates the melee of the party damage on the monster.
70+ damage abilities.
Mana Consumption: 3-12 mana per tic.

2 Hour Name Mana Description
2 hour Aerial Blast 44+ Massive area effect wind damage nuke.

Level Ability Mana Description
1 Claw 7 Melee attack.
10 Aero II 24 Aero II nuke.
25 Aerial Armor 92 Party Blink (duration 15 minutes maximum).
36 Whispering Wind 119 Party heal.
48 Hastega 112 Party haste.
60 Aero IV 118 Aero IV nuke.
70 Predator Claw 164 Attacks three times.
75 Wind Blade - Wind element nuke to target.



Main Usage:

Carbuncle is great for meleeing due to its mana consumption (1-10 mana per tick depending on level).
Shining Ruby, which is similar to Protect and Shell and stacks with the white magic single Protect and Shell buff.
Glittering Ruby, for fun increasing random stats of the party when your Carbuncle is already out meleeing, but do not summon your Carbuncle just to buff this as it only lasts for a short time.
Healing ruby II, excellent party heal in an emergency because the carbuncle will have the heal aggro not the Summoner.
Pulling monsters, your Carbuncle (or any avatar) will only aggro monsters it attacks or casts an ability on, this means it cannot get sight, smell or sound aggro. So if you have many monsters in close range of each other, summon the Carbuncle and tell it to assault a monster, run back to party, release the carbuncle, and the monster it was attacking will come looking for you at the party without bringing any of the other monsters.
Mana Consumption: 1-10 mana per tic.

2 Hour Name Mana Description
2 hour Searing Light 44+ Massive area effect light damage nuke.

Level Ability Mana Description
1 Healing Ruby 5 Small heal to target (8 HP + Level X 2).

05 Poison Nails 11 Poison target.
24 Shining Ruby 44 Party melee and spell resist buff 10%.
44 Glittering Ruby 62 Party random stat buff (differs each cast).
55 Meteorite 108 Light element nuke to target.
65 Healing Ruby II 166 Party heal (28 HP + Level X 4).

Increasing Fame

Increasing Fame

Each city has many quests, quests raise fame and are different from missions. You can do many quests and earn good rewards, which is advicable in all the cities, but there are faster ways to raise fame. Most quests you can only do once, but some of the quests you can repeat and still earn fame.

How many quests you will need to complete to raise fame:

Level 1 fame = 0-10 quests
Level 2 fame = 10-20 quests
Level 3 fame = 20-30 quests
Level 4 fame = 30-50 quests
Level 5 fame = 50-70 quests
Level 6 fame = 70-90 quests
Level 7 fame = 90-110 quests
Level 8 fame = 110-140 quests
Level 9 fame = 140+ quests
For a complete quest listing use Allakhazam for the best information, click here. Then select which fame you want to work on.

Repeat quests to raise fame quickly:

San d'Oria Fame
1: Trade 2 bat wings to Secodia in North San d'Oria (F-6), 200gil.
2: Trade 4 flints to Legata in South San d'Oria (K-6), 100gil.
3: Trade 3 rabit hides to Parvipon in South San d'Oria (E-8), 120gil.
4: Trade 5 honeys to Raimbro in South San d'Oria (E-7), 400gil.

Bastok Fame
1: Trade 1 trent bulb to Salimah in Bastok Market (L-8) between 6:00-11:59am, 200gil.
2: Trade 1 rusty buckets to Foss in Bastok Market (F-7), reward 300gil.
3: Trade 1 Quadav helm to Goraow in Bastok Mines (I-6).
4: Trade many pinches of Zeruhn soot for the quest 'Minesweeper' in Bastok Mines.

Windurst Fame
1: Trade 3 beehive chips to Tapoh Lihzeh in Windurst Woods (I-8), reward 150gil.
2: Trade 3 crawler calculi to Illu Bohjaa in Windurst Woods (H-6), reward 600gil.
3: Trade 1 cornet to Yoran-Oran in Windurst Walls (E-5), reward 200gil.
4: Trade 1 Bastore Sardine to Tokaka in Windurst Port (C-8), reward 70gil.

Tenshodo Fame
1: Trade 4 Zinc Ores to Tablib in Tenshodo, Bastok Port (F-6), reward 350gil.
2: Repeat the quest 'A Job for the Consortium' in San d'Oria Port (requires rank5).
3: Trade 4 Yagudo Necklaces to Nanaa Mihgo in Windurst Woods (J-3), reward 200gil.

*Top Tip for repeat quests that require zoning*

Use a Black Mage with Warp capabilities, set your home point to the same zone of the repeat quest NPC, and simply do the quest, warp and repeat.

some simple corrections ^^

Buckets of gold -> the repeatable rusty bucket quest requires you to trade him 5 buckests.

The cornet quest is easier to do when bastok is in first because the music shop sells the cornets

The Bastore Sardine quest requires you to zone after each trade.

There is also a flint stone repeatable quest in bastok its in markets.

Raising your norg fame with yag necklaces reduces your windy fame

Still probly the best fame raiser in the game is the old man in salbina, trade him cabbages, corn or moss and it raises your fame in selbina, bastok and sandy ^^

Good stuff here though
Rate Up ^^

And corrections for you

Raising your norg fame with yag necklaces reduces your windy fame

This is a myth. As I was raising Norg fame to get my scrolls, I was worried about this, so I checked my Windy fame after every single necklace run. My Windy fame did not lower in the slightest bit.

Vis Maior's Journeys

there is something to be said about this myth

As i understand according to the plot so far, the windy community has on going relations with the yags but the myth styems from the fact that yag products aren't to enter the city... Plus most nations want little to do with the affairs of norg... My suggestion would be to continue to monitor your ranking in each area to make sure... better safe than sorry i say....

Fame Levels There are nin

Fame Levels

There are nine levels of fame for each city, if you speak to the correct NPC for checking fame, the NPC will tell you how famous you are in that particular city. Some cities share fame and some cities fame is a measure of multiple fame of other cities.

City Fame Required:

San d'Oria (Selbina & Rabao are both on San d'Oria fame)
Windurst (Kazham and Mhaura are both on Windurst fame)
Jeuno (Jeuno fame is based on the other cities fames)
Norg (Tensyodo fame)

Garuda Titan Ramuh Leviathan Ifrit Shiva
Element Wind Earth Thunder Water Fire Ice
Quest Name Trial Size Trial of Wind Trial Size Trial of Earth Trial Size Trial of Thunder Trial Size Trial of Water Trial Size Trial of Fire Trial Size Trial of Ice
Fame Required San d'Oria Bastok Windurst Tensyodo Windurst San d'Oria
Quest NPC Rahi Fohlatti Ferrol Lacia Verctissa Dodmos Castilchat
Quest NPC City Rabao Basok Port Mhaura Norg Kazham North San d'Oria
Quest NPC Location G-8 I-8 I-9 H-9 J-9 E-7
Protocrystal Area Cape Terrigan Quicksand Caves Boyahda Tree Den of Rancor Edal Ifrit's Cauldron Fei Yin

*Note* Remember you can check fame for Kazham and Mhaura in Windurst, as well as Kazham and Mhaura, as they are all on the same fame.

*Note* Remember you can check fame for Rabao in San d'Oria, as well as Rabao, as they are all on the same fame.

*Note* You can check fame for Norg (Tensyodo fame) by the cost of 'Rice Balls' at Neptune's Spire Inn in lower Jeuno (J-7), 160 gil per 'Rice Ball' is about level seven fame and will allow you to get the fork.

NPCs for checking your fame levels:

South San d'Oria - Namonutice - (K-6 upper right)
Bastok Port - Falco - (E-6 down left)
Windurst Waters - Zabirego-Hajigo - (North F-10 upper right)
Kazahm - Ney Hiparujah - (I-11 upper left)
Rabao - Waylea - (G-9 down right)
Lower Jeuno - Mendi - (H-8 down left/passage)
Norg - Vaultimand - ( H-8 upper right)
When you speak to the NPC you will be given a sentence based on your fame, each city has a slightly different script, but the following scripts will give you a guide:
Fame Lv1
Unfortunately, I have never heard of your name before.
Fame Lv2
I wonder if I have heard of your name before...
Fame Lv3
I have heard of your name before.
Fame Lv4
Your name has become barely known by people.
Fame Lv5
Your name has become fairly known by people.
Fame Lv6
Most people know you.
Fame Lv7
Almost all people know you.
Fame Lv8
I may say no one is unfamiliar with your name.
Fame Lv9
You are the very hero for people in this kingdom. May the brightness of goddess be always with you.

Obtain Avatars

Obtaining Avatars

All avatars except Carbuncle and Fenrir can be acquired using either of two methods; level twenty solo battles or level sixty-five plus advance party battles (Protocrystal Battle). For simplicity, the easy method for the lower levels will be discussed, but if you are of level sixty-five or higher you may want to acquire your avatars by the more advance high-level method (Protocrystal Battle).

Carbuncle and Fenrir

Carbuncle is the first avatar you will receive and Fenrir will most likely be the last one, this is because of how the avatar quests are set up.


Your first avatar will be Carbuncle, and you will receive this avatar by completing the Ruby Quest that opens the Summoner advance job, available from the main menu.


Your last avatar will most likely be Fenrir, and you will receive this avatar by collecting all the elemental 'whispers' key items from each of the advance high-level Protocrystal battles; Garuda, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Titan and Leviathan. I say most likely, as you can actually defeat prime avatars and just keep the whispers instead of getting the avatar pact, and go straight on to defeat Fenrir. This is of course unlikely, but very much possible.

Do not return to the prime avatar reward giving NPCs if you wish to keep the whispers for Fenrir.

You will need to be of high-level for this avatar and cannot aquire this avatar or 'whispers' from the level twenty solo battles.

Earth Whisper = Titan
Water Whisper = Leviathan
Wind Whisper = Garuda
Fire Whisper = Ifrit
Lighening Whisper = Ramuh
Ice Whisper = Shiva
Bring the 'whispers' (key items) to Leepe-Hoppe and he will give you a 'Moon Bauble' (key item). This will allow you to go into Full Moon Fountain and battle with Fenrir Prime, if you win the battle you will obtain the Fenrir avatar.

Fame (perquisite requirements for avatar quests)

The following information is in regard of the remaining six avatars, Garuda, Shiva, Ifrit, Ramuh, Titan and Leviathan. At the stage you will already have your Carbuncle and are wishing to obtain additional avatars.

The first thing you require to start the quest to get additional avatars is 'fame', and yes it is a downtime, but your fame will be required for higher battles in the upper end of the game anyhow.

The high-level Protocrystal battles require level 7-8 fame, but the level twenty solo battles only require level 2-3 fame. The fame level is not precise, because it varies slightly from person to person, based on unidentified factors. So how do you raise your fame levels? Questing!

I do believe

Correct me if i'm wrong but i don't think you can get fenir without having all the other summons first. In my understanding you need to fight each prime fight twice inorder to get fenir. Also the High Fame was originally ment to indicate your lvl in game as you would have gained it slowly... so My suggestion is to prepare for Prime fights.. i'm 60+ and i know they can one shot my character if i let my guard down. Some of these avatars can be soloed for you by RDM/Nin however why take that gamble.

Mini-Battles and Prime Fights

Mini-Battles: If u do mini-battles to get Fenrir u have to have lvl7 rank in all place to get Fenrir as u have to do Prime Fights to receive the whispers. The whisper are then trade in windy at the guy on top of the Rhino to receive the Moon Bauble. To receive the Evoker Ring u would need to fight Prime again to receive the Items to get the ring.

Prime Fights: U can receive the Pacts on the Prime Fights or Trade whispers for a Moon Bauble to get Fenrir. Make sure u have the Rank Level 7 to get Prime Fights. Either which way u do it would be a total of 3 Prime fights to get all the Items needed for a Summoner. The pacts, Fenrir, and the Ring...

RDM/NIN lvl75: Can bet a Prime Avatar except Fenrir... As Rdm/Nin is a excellent job to kill Primes as a solo Job...

Fenrir: 5 Summoner's can defeat Fenrir pretty easy using Spinning Dive...
Summoner lvl75- AvatarX


go ava, its your birthday lol smn's are awesome...thats what they are...many people under estimate them and dont invite the into pts......but thats another issue lol

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