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Getting your Promyvion maps
Submitted by sam on Thu, 11/10/2005 - 14:51.

This guide will hopefully help you get your Promyvion maps. Thus far, only one ClanAM member has gotten any of the Promy maps (RavenclawX/tabke got Promyvion-Holla map). However, we do know how it is done, and it is now only a matter of time before the rest of us interested get our maps as well. Read on for the details...

How to get a Promyvion Map

The basic idea for getting any Promyvion map is to find a "Memosphere" and trade it to a specific ??? spawn somewhere inside the Promyvion. These Memospheres are dropped by very specific mobs inside each Promyvion, and the drop is very rare.

What mobs drop the Memosphere

In each Promyvion, the mobs that look like the boss for that Promyvion will be the ones that potentially could drop a Memosphere. Specifically, these are the mobs you should target, and the specific Memosphere they drop:

Promyvion Area Mob Memosphere
Promyvion-Dem Gorger Beryl Memosphere
Promyvion-Holla Thinker Teal Memosphere
Promyvion-Mea Craver Indigo Memosphere

The Memospheres also drop from the NMs in each Promyvion. However, the NMs are typically much harder than these mobs, and are also involved in other special NM quests, so I wouldn't recommend going after them if you goal is just to get the Memosphere.

These mobs can be found on all floors of the Promyvions, so my recommendation is to stick to fighting them on the first floor while farming animas. Many jobs can solo these mobs (even though they may be EM or T), especially jobs with HP draining abilities or weapons.

The Memospheres themselves are a fairly rare drop. You can expect it to take a while before they drop.

How do I find the ???

These days, there are a lot of ??? spawns throughout the Promyvions. However, the only ??? spawns that are related to the map are on floors 3 and 4. Usually, these spawns are surrounded by many nasty enemies, so getting to them can be tricky without an alliance to back you up.

The spawn points for each Promyvion, can be found on the following maps:


How do I survive the ???

Obviously, you will need to tag along with another group of people to get to the 3rd and 4th floors. Once you've found your ???, you have two options:

  • #1 : Use the party or alliance to kill the mobs surrounding it, then run to it and trade the memosphere for your map.
  • #2 : Run to the memosphere while the party or alliance stands clear, hopefully using something like blink or stoneskin to survive long enough to trade the memosphere for your map.
  • #3 : Run to the memosphere, knowing you will die and get tractored, raised, or just HP, hoping you can trade before you die.

Obviously, if you can find an alliance to help you get to the ???, this is the desired way to go. However, chances are you wont (unless you are in some sort of ENM static).

Once you trade the Memosphere, you will ge the map for the Promyvion you are in.

Inside "Light Fixtures"

One thing I just wanted to add because I obviously didn't include it in the original document:

* The ??? for the maps always spawn in things that some people have called "Light Fixtures". They are little funny platforms with a glowing light inside of them. Look for these when you are trying to locate the ???

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