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Halloween Event 2005
Submitted by Malkier on Sun, 10/23/2005 - 01:29.

The following is a list of things that you need to do to get some of the Halloween Items:
Pitchfork = get the combination of costumes and have a 2 person party, then go under one of the decorations that have the balloons.
Pitchfork +1 = go to another city, not your home city, and find the NPC that gives the mob type from your home nation, eg. Bastok = Quadav, Windy = Yagudo, Sandy = Orc, and get under the decoration

Trick Staff +1 = I traded a Melon Pie to a NPC in a costume that was a shade, in Windy, also I would have gotten it if I traded an Apple pie, in Sandy

Trick Staff = I believe I traded a cookie to a NPC that was a shade again

When I get more of the items I will edit this post. Good luck and Have fun!!

It cost me 20k, but I think I

It cost me 20k, but I think I learned a lot about this quest. First buy as many different sweets or snacks (bread and rice aka "crackers": it was the only thing I tried form in this group). (If you can get some people together it will costless.) You don't need a lot of them just different ones. Find the npc that are towns folk dressed up. Trade to them a different kind of treat until they give u an item instead of a costume. (Costume can be turned off like spells or some other effects that are displayed). So after doing this you should have gotten a Pumpkin head, Pumpkin head II, Trick staff, or a Trick staff II. Take whatever u received and put it on. If you read what the npc said you would see he thinks u should. Now you should get the opposite of the item u have equipped as the next drop. (Once you go through all the different times its time to go to another city and try again. Also I think u can only do each item once every 24 hrs but im not sure about this.)
See list:

Equipping_________Gets you
Pumpkin Head______Horror head
Pumpkin Head II___Horror head II
Trick Staff_______Treat Staff 
Trick Staff II____Treat Staff II

(This Idea I found on a forum on Allakhzam but I confirmed that it worked for me)
If u only want one of the Higher forms of the item do not get rid of any lower forms till u get it or u may get a lower form again.

Wish me luck im 7/8. Here I come Treat staff II

Pumpkin head II

I got a pumpkin head II by trading a goblin chocolate to the banshee disguised guard at the gate to west ronfuare in south sandoria. Just though i would add that little bit in.


This update comes from Milotheshort,

Pumpkin Head 2 = Traded Melon Pie, then Ginger cookie to a ghost NPC


Coolness! I've added it to the list of events ;-)

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