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Submitted by sam on Mon, 08/29/2005 - 20:44.

Well, for those who weren't there, this last weekend our Promy had marginal success. We successfully ascended the tower and collected a bunch of Animas. However, the Mea boss did us in, and we did not complete the mission.

One thing that happenned was we picked up a SMN (not part of the LS) to help us out. Well, this SMN was pretty abusive to some of our members in private chats. First of all, I want to apologize since I was the one who invited this SMN. Second of all, I want to say I didn't know they were being abusive to others until after they had left. I knew they were whining and bitching about the group privately to me, but I had no idea they were also sending their venom to others.

I especially would like to apologize to Natashab. It seems that this SMN was particularily unkind to Natashab as Natashab was a RDM at the time. Well, Natashab, if you are still around, I would like to tell you that, contrary to what this SMN said, RDM is very useful in promy, especially Mea (the one we did). If you read this you see that RDM can be very useful in Mea in particular. So, really, don't take what this SMN said to you personally.... and also don't think that we agree with them. I personally was very happy you came with us.

Anyway... I'm sorry guys. I suppose we are going to have to have more strict rules layed down whenever we invite external people into our group activities to prevent this sort of stuff.


The main reason that I wasn't very effective was due to the fact that I didn't have any Gil to buy items. If I had the Gil I would have bought some Hi-Ethers. This would have made me able to get Mp back and Cure myself. WHen I died that was the main problem with my groups failure. I had pulled the hate off of Meretrix, sorry if I spelled your name wrong Trix, and that caused me to die early in the fight, and I also used my Scroll of Reraise before we got into the fight. I wasn't thinking, Maior said that Buffs would have to be recast once inside and I never thought about Reraise being included.

Again I would like to Appologize to my group for my failing to cure correctly and not thinking. The only thing I can say in my defence is that I havent ever done one of these, however, I now know what to do and I won't make the same mistake, hopefully. :)

No apologies

It was your first promy, afterall. And honestly, we had a SMN who didn't really hold his own.

On a lighter note, tonight a group of us went and did Promy Dem... we broke the server Record (I'll post my screenshot of it when I get a chance :-)

Vis Maior's Journeys

Thank You

Thank you for being understanding Sam. And your right the Smn didn't live up to his roll in the party, but I am also a little responsable because I should have asked how much to heal.
But what's done is done.
I would like to do the Promy's again sometime with the LS. But Fall quarter is starting up so I might only be on late on the weekends.


To bad I couldnt be there I had band all day. We rock at BCNMs on our server. I know whenever someone needs the dragon we almost always beat the reccord and now you guys beat the ENM Dem record! GO US!


Party 2 results

I'll chime in from the second party's side of the alliance. I felt the trip up the crag went very well, and traveling in an alliance is *definitely* the way to ascend. Other than the sacrfice at the top ^_^
we made it relatively quick. After seperating into 2 teams, we attempted the boss first. We were very much in control of the fight essentially the entire way through, but the one time we lost hate it cost us dearly. I kept drawing his hate towards me and Firewing. We kept our mages back near the entrance seperating them from the mob as much as we could. After a near fatal blow (down to 11 HP)I quickly activated one of my X-potions. During the activation time, the mob took off after our Whm. Arb attempted to voke but was unable to get him away, and I was unable to voke until the potion activated. Within those few seconds, he had taken out our healer. Shortly after this, we reached 50% of it's health and we called for our anima. Before I could even activate mine, I was knocked out in one fail swoop. Arb and Ava kept up a galliant battle doing their best to save each other's life at just the last moment. The two of them battled down till just a sliver of HP remained before finally falling. Had we been able to save the Whm in time, I believe we walk away from the fight successfully. Luckily in our group, there was no venom being spewed and everyone cheered Arb and Ava down to the wire. We all knew exactly what went wrong and had we had the supplies, we definitely would have waited and tried again. We started off with one non-LS party member, but by the time we reached the summit, they had already equipped our pearl and joined right in.

I'm very sorry to hear about the other's adventure. Amazing how one person can really kill a good time. That's why next time we need all of our LS mates. ^_^ Now that a good portion of us have experienced a trip through, we will all be better prepared. I know my next trip up will be successfull, and I would gladly have back the same party members. Everyone kept their cool and made the time a lot of fun.

So the question is: When do we do this again??!!!?!? :) :)


For me, I wont be able to devote a full weekend to it again for a couple of weeks (Jessica doesn't work this weekend, so we will be spending time together.) So, I personally couldn't attempt a weekend event until the 10th.

That being said, I will be playing during the week. And Labor day I'll be around. I just don't want to be in charge this time... Give me a couple of weeks before I want to take lead again :-)

Vis Maior's Journeys


sounds like i missed all the fun

Bad Cures

I am at fault for my groups death. I am used to partieing and keeping the members health near to full. I did not know that I should have been using Cure 1 instead or making sure everyone was at full as much as possible. And I also used my Scroll of Reraise outside of the boss area, this leading to me dieing and not being able to raise anyone else. Furthermore, I didn't have any Hi-Ethers, I ran out of MP and couldn't Cure anyone much. After I died the group fell apart.
In addition, to my failing to realize my role correctly in the group, I noticed that the SMN of our Group wasn't doing much while we were ingaged with the boss. At the time I thought it was just some lagg on his part, but now I realize that he was concentrating on bashing other members of the party instead of doing his job. Another point if he had some SUGGESTIONS he should have discussed it with the party before we went in and not sending /tell's to the leader after we began. This way we could see how he was going to work with the party and found a substitution for him.
Having Natashab in the party was a good thing in my opinion because we RDM's can do many things for a party, such as back up heal, nuking, or melee fighting. It's a shame there are people that play FFXI who can only criticise instad of giving pointers like the more advanded people on our Link Shell, but theres not much that can be done.
I would like to point out that the failure had NOTHING to do with Natashab. In my opinion most of the blame can be placed on the SMN who thought it was more important to criticise other people instead of helping the group.


You may have overcured a bit and made hate hard for Trix to manage, but don't beat yourself up. I think we did very well, all things considering. I mean, only two of us on our team had even done a Promy before, and only one of us (me) had ever even tried the Mea Promy.

IMHO, I think that this was just a great learning experience for all of us. Come next time, we will be that much more prepared :-)

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Thank you but it is not necessary!!!

I am sorry for just leaving the way I did. I had just had it with the things that where said to me and about me. I really like this linkshell and I just want to fit in and have fun.

Thank you for apologizing but it is not necessary and I would like to apologize to all of you.

Thank you having me and letting me be a part of the Clan of the Angry Monkey!!!

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