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Azimuth Circle!!
Submitted by Xilldon_RDM on Wed, 07/27/2005 - 02:23.

As many of you know there are the new swimsuits that noone seems to know how to get. Finaly we get to know! Azimuth Circle sounds just like last years. Which I bet it is. - -; Anyway we can finaly get the swimsuits.^^;

Master, master!
How are you holding up in this horrible heat?
You've made the Sunbreeze Festival a smashing success, kupo!
And now it's time for the main event--"Azimuth Circle"!

Azimuth Circle has rather complex rules, so I'll have to drill you beforehand, kupo.
First off, the game can only be played in pairs--everyone must be in a party of two. So you must begin by searching for a partner.
Coupling with a good friend would be ideal, of course. But even if you aren't exactly the most popular problem! Just ask around, kupo!

And then, um, ummm...oh yeah! After that, just talk to a moogle with your partner and say you want to start the game, kupo!
Then the moogle will tell you where your partner should go. It will also tell your partner where you should go! So you and your partner have to relay information between each other to figure out where to head next, kupo. Each of you should reach your checkpoint with good teamwork!
Examine your checkpoint to find a hidden compass. The compass will point in the direction that your partner should go, so both of you should use this information to help each other out. Work together to find all of your checkpoints and each of you will find a doll at the end of the trail, kupo!

Last but not least, trade your doll with your partner and then trade the doll that he found to the moogle, kupo. End game--the moogle will give you beautiful swimwear to beat the heat as a reward for your efforts! Nothing like going for a dip in the ocean in this scorching weather, kupo!

Ah... I almost forgot! I have a message here from Azimuth of the Alchemists' Guild! Here's what the inventor of Azimuth Circle had to say, kupo:
"The name 'Azimuth Circle' comes from this gadget we set on a compass in the old days so we could verify directions proper. I'm not vain enough to name a game after myself! Anyway, I hope you and your partner become good friends while playing. Maybe you can even invite them to join you again later wearing the rewards you gained from playing. I wonder what games you could play with them then...haw haw.........!"

Ahem...yes, Ms. Azimuth is certainly a unique old... Anyway! Where was I, kupo? Oh yeah, Azimuth Circle. Please join us in the festivities, kupo! Master, master, get up and get out there! It's time to find a partner for Azimuth Circle!

-Event Details
This event is scheduled to commence at July 28, 2005 17:00 and will last until August 15, 2005 0:00 (PDT).

-Event Locations
Southern San d'Oria/Port San d'Oria
Bastok Mines/Port Bastok
Windurst Waters/Windurst Walls

Thanks Xill!

Once again, great event write-up, Xill. We ought to collect them all together (even though a lot of the older events probably wont come back in quite the same way) and place them in the books/guides section^^

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