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What has been your favorite Moogle event quest in the last year?
Submitted by sam on Fri, 03/04/2005 - 14:18.
Summerfest, Summer 2004
50% (5 votes)
The Starilight Celebration, December 2004
20% (2 votes)
Easter Egg Event, April 2004
20% (2 votes)
Harvest Festival, October 2004
10% (1 vote)
Cherry Blossom Festival, March 2004
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 10

Events are cool

yeah events are cool, the first event I was able to participate in was the easter egg festival, I didn't know much back then and didn't get much, I learned later that I could have gotten an egg equip, that goes in the ammo slot, wish I had gotten it, but maybe I will get another chance next easter. over all my favorite event so far has been the summerfest quest, i had so much fun with that one, getting to go through all those neat areas, and letting a tonberry kill me with flare that was fun. I still like the body armor I got from that quest it neat. As the end of that one came we complained about the music and fireworks but now I miss them and hope they return this summer, Fun Times!


I voted for summerfest because that was the first event I had ever seen. I had been playing for 2 to 3 months and it was really a great motivator to me because it let me see all these high level places I had never been to before (I still can't survive in Ifirit's Cauldren, lol)

But, what were the Cherry Blossom and Easter Egg events? Those were before me, and it looks like more people like the Easter Egg event than anything else so far.

Summerfest Also!

Summerfest all the way! All those areas I hadent been to and the outfits, still got emm^^ But I absolutly hated the easter egg one! I know all of the events bring many people to the gates, bringing lag and lots of it but this one just drew so many freaking people! Besides that I didnt like the event it self.
It was a tough one to choose between the XMas one and summerfestbut I remembered how I would be walking back to windey from selbina and seeing the fireworks and the awesome music, oh those were the days! Hope fully theyll bring something like it back this year.
The one thing on the other hand that I hated was the fishing, lol. it was quite boreing in my thoughts, buh that wasnt the main part [thank god]
Well I cant wait to see this years easter event, hopefully better.

"Are you the one just for me?"

Older festivals

There actually have been periodic festivals for a lot longer than any of us have played.

The Cherry Blossom Festival was happening when I first joined. I was honestly surprised when the cherry blossoms disappeared from the trees in Windy because I didn't know they were only temporary.

Since I was just starting to play, I didn't do anything with the cherry blossom festival. So, personally, I don't know enough about what it was.

The Easter Egg festival was the first one that I recall actually noticing as a unique Moogle event. I had been leveling in Valkurm (maybe I was logging in Gelsbah at that time as well) so I hadn't been home in a while. This was before I had my Chocobo, so I had to hoof it everywhere.

As I was returning home, the closer I got to Windy the more bazaars I noticed where people were selling these Easter Eggs with letters on them for 99,999,999,999 gil. Of course, this meant they were wanting to trade them, but I was still a n00b at that point and didn't understand this.

In Taronghi, nearly home, every single person I saw there had these Eggs in their bazaars. I asked a few people and they said they didn't really understand the event either (the event had only been going for a few hours by the time I started noticing the eggs).

When I got home I saw this. Basically, I had never seen so many people crammed in one tiny area before, and it blew me away.

I wrote more about the event here. I don't think I even had a subjob at that point yet.

Anyway, the gist of the Easter Egg festival was you were given eggs with letters on them, and had to form the first 3 letters of your name. When you did that, you'd get a prize.

There were also hidden words you could spell to get other really neat prizes (mostly various colored drops, which radically went up in price after the event, and which is why I now save my event prizes to sell later ;-)

Vis Maior's Journeys

Level 10 lol

Yeah, you were pretty young in that post weren't you?

I recognize a lot of those people from the early LS, and a couple of people in the Easter Egg event are people I have partied with.

It's funny how seeing how young and n00bish someone was who was later a dick to you can be so liberating. For example, there is a guy in there, Znack*something who was a THF in a party as I was leveling up RNG several months ago who kept insisting I wasn't worth my keep because I didn't have Leaping Boots (and I had Emp. Hairpin even! WTF did he expect?)

Reading your blog I see he led you guys at level 10 to fight a Goblin Leecher, which is like 30+! ROFL!

Yessiree bob

Yep, I was a dork. I can't believe what a newb I was. At that time, I said, and I quote:

What I'd really like would be a MNK/SAM or SAM/MNK (preferably a SAM/MNK) but as that's an advanced job, it's going to be a while before I can do it. So, in the interim, I should really just pick a temporary one and call it good. This means I'll probably just be boring and do a MNK/WAR until I can do what I really want.

Gadfries.... was I ever that young?

And Z was alright. He also led our fateful first trip to the Dunes. Z turned out to be somewhat of a dink later though when he flaked out on four people's dragon (he had promised to help with) and then never heard from again. I saw him in Batallia Downs later on as a THF, he was fighting a Quadav that was way too hard for him and I saved him. The really funny thing was, he was a THF several levels higher than my MNK... of course, we all know THFs can't take things solo like MNKs can, but it was still funny.

Vis Maior's Journeys

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