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Server reliability issues
Submitted by sam on Wed, 09/27/2006 - 13:23.

Well, there's been a number of complete and partial database failures on our server. Additionally, some people who have IRC accounts on them have been reporting many problems with them. I think we may be taxing our poor little server too far.

By way of an announcement for the admins, I will be conducting research into the cost of migrating the ClanAM portal sites to some new, beefier, server. Something with
* More RAM
* More CPU alottment (right now, we get shared CPU bandwidth)
* Higher transfer speed
* More monthly bandwidth usage

would be keen, I'm just concerned about the cost.

Right now, I'm spending approximately $70 per month for the ClanAM sites alone. Unless I can find a way to generate revenue here (advertising, most likely) I wont be able to keep this up forever.

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