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Chocobo Raising
Submitted by Avatar76 on Tue, 08/29/2006 - 12:43.

Hello ClanAM, Got My egg and raising it... I bought my 1st egg instead of the Quest so If I mess this 1 up I can do the quested 1 whn I get a grip on it... I started off by Giving it to the NPC... 1st day was Just Gysahl Greens for affection... and a couple walks... Next Day I learned to make Veg. Paste... * Main Skill: Cooking (21 - Initiate)
o Crystal: Water
o Ingredients: Gysahl Greens x2, La Theine Millet, Lizard Egg, Distilled Water
o Result: Vegetable Paste x2
o HQ #1: Vegetable Paste x4
o HQ #2: Vegetable Paste x6
o HQ #3: Vegetable Paste x8

I Gave Her (Female) 1 Veg Paste and 1 Gysahl Greens working on affection...
I walk once early in the Morning and Watch Over once. When I get home from I walk again and Watch Over again... and Just Watch Over Before I go to Bed...

Am trying to Grow Vomp Carrots in the Mog House... to Make Carrot paste For Strength... * Main Skill: Cooking (31 - Novice)
o Crystal: Water
o Ingredients: Vomp Carrot x2, La Theine Millet, Lizard Egg, Distilled Water
o Result: Carrot Paste x2
o HQ #1: Carrot Paste x4
o HQ #2: Carrot Paste x6
o HQ #3: Carrot Paste x8

To sum up so far... I have a Female am Building on Mental and Affection for Learning... On a Male I think I would Go Strength then Mental... I have Noticed that a Plan is done by the Game so am happy with the Care Program so far...


Well today my choco grew into a little teenager. My how fast they grow only 20 days and they want their own room, a cell phone, an allowence, and a car. Really I costs enough to just feed their growing stomachs. 10k a meal wow they are gonna eat me out of house and home. And FYI I think mine is gonna be a yellow one :-( oh well

Day 8--

Because of the Bug with the sleep program I choose Listen to Music and my Chocobo is still awake... I can now walk (short) my chocobo 3 times a day and Watch Over: Morning, After work, before I go to Bed and once in the Morning before the Day counter changes.

I can now start on making my chocobo Attributes also Veg. Paste and Zegham carrot (mental). I would use Carrot Paste (Strength) and Zegham carrot every other day but Price of carrots is Blah... waiting on MH Carrots ( wish me Luck ). Chocobo is Parent, excellent Condition, and High Spirits. Am on Day 9... Update coming...
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Thanks for the chocobo raising info! I too am raising a baby girl chocobo. I have not feed her yet because she's been sleeping. Got some vegetable paste for when she wakes up. Heres another site I found helpful:


76 sort of looks like an x see... sort of... mabye?

and THANK YOU for the great info i was gone the week these chocochickens came out so i find myself at a bit of a disadvantage or an advantage depending on which way u look at it..this info is great, thank you.

Day 7---

Got a Key Item to Help Chocobo to sleep... Not sleeping good at Night... My Solution for this 1 is Veg. Paste and Garidav Wildgrass for a stomache... No walk this Morning But when I get Home and Before I go to bed... This Morning Going to Watch Over... and Feed...

Just got home from work... Still feeling poorly so I took her for a walk... Hungry = 1/2 full and 1/2 way hungry... She still thinks am a parent and love when am around. Choose for Plan 0-Rest 1 day for sickiness or Illiness Plan 1-Listen to Music... After 15hrs the NPC took the Key Item back and my Chocobo is back and Healthy and in Good Spirits... Beginning Day 8

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Helpfully Links and NPC

Details on Raising a Chocobo...

Details on Food and Eggs...

There a NPC in Chocobo Stables for Details on Raising your Chocobo... Such as what foods do Care and the Society... In Sandy it is Arvilauge... The Pages can be access from Home Page... Good Luck on Raising your Chocobo...

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