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Are you excited to start raising Chocos?
Submitted by sam on Mon, 08/21/2006 - 18:59.
Yes! Oh boy! Wahoo!
29% (5 votes)
Meh, kind of excited.
47% (8 votes)
No, I'm not looking forward to it.
0% (0 votes)
Gah! Who wants a frickin' pet chicken?
0% (0 votes)
24% (4 votes)
Total votes: 17

something i noticed

When i dismounted from my pay chocobo, my model gained the same apperiance that he would have if an Invisible effect was rendered. This has occured evertime since the last patch. So this tells me a few things... either i'm not observant (highly doubt that), or the new chocos might allow you to be attacked while riding, if they barrowed this concept from WoW. I know in WoW you can be attacked while mounted. This would also distenguish between the 2 types, Ergo stable and called mounts.

Might be something to keep an eye on.


I've always wanted to Joust on my choco....

May be why I'm not too interested in this silly choco raising shite.

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Me too, i think we need a lancer job, that gains bonuses to mounted combat... sweetness {yes please!}


Xill posted that in IRC a bit ago.

25 uses? We have to get new ones when we run out? Will that be like once per CP?


CP rules

CP seems to rule everything else in this game, I'd be surprised if it didn't rule here as well.

Also, 25 calls per CP (week) doesn't seem that bad. Honestly, even on my busiest week I rarely use more than 10 chocos.

What I personally hope for is that I can call the choco in areas that aren't dungeons, but which I previously couldn't ride a choco too (e.g., areas that are connected by dungeons, but aren't dungeons themselves).

Places like Cape Terrigan and the areas around Tavnazia instantly become much easier to navigate.

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Choco in the cape!

Oooh that is a promising idea. I hope it works.

Here's a small list of areas that this would help with:
* Cape Terrigan
* Attohwa Chasm
* Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle
* Lufaise Meadows
* Misareaux Coast
* Caedarva Mire
* Uleguerand Range
* Xarcabard
* Beaucedine Glacier



Welp, it's be nearly 24 hours now since the patch came out... anyone know whether this wild speculation we made yesterday is true? I'd sure like it to be.

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I dunno, I just got my egg before I logged for the day.

It seems like it will take a while to raise your choco before you can ride it. We probbly wont have this answered soon.


About a month

SE says itll take about 1 month for your egg to become an adult. I guess we'll know then.

bout to get it

I may be meh about it, but I do what to try it. I also want to be one of the first to get/try it. I'm known to be the first to do some things. First in the LS to get my NPC and try a promy....muhahah now to get a choco!

way to toot your own horn lol

and im excited just because its something new and interresting to do.... and form screenies the chicks look pretty cute >_>;

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