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Site Maintenance Wed. 08-02
Submitted by sam on Wed, 08/02/2006 - 04:14.
  • What? : ClanAM Website Maintenance
  • When? : Wed. Aug. 3rd - Thurs. Aug. 4th 2006

The long awaited site update will be happening starting Wednesday, August 3rd 2006 at roughly 9am EDT. This maintenance will last until Thursday, August 4th 2006 at roughly 12pm (noon) EDT. During this time, the FFXI ClanAM website will be down and not available except to website administrators.

For Administrators

The old website will still be available in read only form at It will remain available for approximately 1 month to ensure that everything has migrated correctly.

The new website will be available starting Wednesday at around noon EDT at

If you are an administrator (Forum Admin, Gallery Admin, Book Admin, Site Admin) you will have this first 24 hours to help manage deleted posts and move images (as discussed here). Please only delete posts that have already previously been deleted. All others please discuss with me beforehand.

For the admins who will be helping out, if you could please join us in the #clanam channel on this will go much smoother. Don't get yourself fired at work or anything for doing this, you have 24 hours before the site goes live, and any content that is missed can be fixed afterwards (as the old site will still be online for a month).

Thanks folks.

Maintenance update

It's 9:30am EDT and the update is going swimmingly. I fully expect everything to be ready at 12pm EDT for the site to go live. After this time, will no longer serve any pages.

Vis Maior's Journeys


Was that possibley directed at me? LMAO. Naw i won't get fired, as long as i answer the fone and respond to calls. Sounds good tho, but i'll try to get Trillian or some other IRC client on this machine before hand.

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