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Of the ToAU content not yet available, what are you most excited for?
Submitted by sam on Mon, 05/22/2006 - 13:14.
Chocobo Breeding
43% (6 votes)
Chocobo Racing
7% (1 vote)
Mob vs. Mob Arena (Colosseum)
7% (1 vote)
ToAU Story/Missions
7% (1 vote)
More Assaults
21% (3 votes)
More PVP
7% (1 vote)
7% (1 vote)
Total votes: 14

Chocobo Breeding?

I'll admit it has potential, but personally it's last on the list of stuff I'm excited for. Also, everyone I've talked to personally isn't very hip to it.

So who the hell is voting for it? :-P

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me BITCH!!!

thats who... who else would you expect to vote for something so lame as that? I mean i live to glove up and artificial inseminate ginormous birds.

"Ya they call it Shell shock. You have to have a job with meaning in life. Take me for instance i masturbate cagged animals for artifical insemination." - Clerks

Wrong vote fool!

Assault > lame-ass chicken farming.

Well, if you can "call" your chicken (re: WoW mount) then it would be semi-cool. If this turns out to be something stupid like raise a chicken --- enter into chicken races --- win useless crap (like Choco tickets) then it would suck royal ass...

My chicken, will be called Chicken. She will be black. Umm... chicken.


there happy i voted for both chicken farming and ass'ults




Chocobo INBREEDER... {yes please!}


I voted for Other, meaning I want Square Enix to fix Puppetmaster.

There are some pretty odd goings-on being posted about the pet for this job (the Puppet).


I voted for Choco Breeding, but now that you put it that way, I realize I should have voted for Other as well.

I think they should make it so COR can stick 3 buffs, so we can use more of our rolls when everyone just wants Corsair's Roll.


Assault and some info - long.

I voted for Assault.

I was on for a bit during Sunday AM and completed two Assault missions.

Golden Savage from the Ilrusi Atoll Staging point: This mission requires a group of 6 players (max; minimum level 60 – I think) to find a item from a chest.

Sounds simple in theory. However, there are 15 chests in this zone and only 1 chest contains the desired item. All other chests are nasty mimic-type mobs that have a draw-in ability and are sleep resistant. Also, these mimics have a nasty stun/poison AoE (luckily we did not get hit with the “Death Trap” move). We lacked a tank, but we did not lack a smart-ass, who insisted on solo’ing everything – he died. We were lucky enough to find the correct chest and win. This Assault, in my opinion, has a tremendous luck factor.

The second Assault I attempted was Seagull Grounded from the Periqia/Dvucca Isle Stage point: . This mission requires a group of 6 players (max; minimum level 70) to escort a very mentally challenged NPC.

The NPC will attempt to make his way through the zone, and your party must keep him safe. Now, as I said previously, he is a bit of a dumbass (and also a COR). You see, certain “rooms” along the path have monsters and when this NPC sees monters, he runs. And he runs a lot and he runs far. Very far.

Rather than just running out of the “room” and having your party destroy the mobs, he likes to run to the opposite side of the map and just stand there like a dumbass. However, you can “control” the NPC from moving, by standing directly in front of him and looking him in the eye (this is much easier said than done). Effectively, you lose one party member to the task of babysitting this guy.

Side notes on Seagull Grounded: You simply do not have the time to kill all monsters in the zone (there are pug, crab and flesh type monsters). When your NPC is nearing the end of the area, you will find two flesh type monsters. It is best for a tank and a sleeper to train these mobs to a corner of the room and let the NPC complete his task. Once this is done, the Rune of Release will appear and you will have won the Assault.

FWIW: I still think the Mamool Ja Assault (NPC rescue) is the most pain-in-the ass mission. 0/3

Also confirmed, you can have up to 4 I.D. Tags issued per day.

Finally, I think this is a great poll. I personally cannot wait for additional Assault missions. If you have not tried them, I honestly think you should gather a group of folks and attempt; even in failure, these are a tremendous amount of fun and test your ability to work as a group.

Yes, I am still on a break. BUT, if you all want to do Assaults and need a 6th player – e-mail/message me!

Assault End Game

I think Assault would be a great activity for the ClanAM End Game. I think we should do it very soon as something to finally kick the freaking end game clan off ... grumble...

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End game Assault

If you decide to use this as an end game event, I think most players will have to understand that you cannot win every Assault 100% of the time; which would require a shift in player mindset.

In certain Assaults, you can do everything correctly and still manage to lose (i.e. Excavation Duty or Golden Savage).

Perhaps Assaults focused on areas/specific pieces of gear will entice players?

I also believe, that the PFC (private first class; level 2) Assaults will prove to be much more interesting as end game activities.


I think we just need something as an entry event for ClanAM end-game. Something to get a few people to know about it.

Also, as for losing, honestly people need to know by now that they will lose things from time to time. I have no problem re-informing them of that :-P

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Works for me. I would love to do more Assault.

On another note, this thread deals with level 2 (PFC) Assault missions. Burried in there is a description of the Lebros Supplies mission - read it, sounds like a blast!

Lamia No. 13 also sounds interesting. We could likely complete that mission with 2-3 people...

End Game Assault

{Yes, Please!}



For those curious, here is the projected timeline that Squeenix gave everyone at the FFXI Fan Fest:

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Ive seen this screenshot mai posted before, and what im waiting for is the pvp in "the pit" which will be coming out soon you see the "new multiplayer battle area editions"
also i would like to lvl a PUP up, but ive only heard ppl bash it or tell me its unbalanced so i hope they are planning to fix it "job balance adjustments" ^^

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