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Of the new jobs. which have you been the most impressed with?
Submitted by sam on Mon, 05/01/2006 - 14:08.
Blue Mage
43% (6 votes)
7% (1 vote)
7% (1 vote)
None, they're all shite
7% (1 vote)
None, don't have them unlocked, haven't played them, or haven't had one in my parties
36% (5 votes)
Total votes: 14


With so much new content, screw the new jobs.

Meh, new jobs are fine and all - but there is so much other crap to do!


That's exactly my problem with this new expansion pack. It's new-crap overload! I can't stand that it's sucking up so much of people's time that it makes doing other stuff impossible.

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Staging Points

I never thought the new expansion would mean spending an entire evening getting one staging point!

I really had NO clue!


That's cause you missed the boat Tam... :p


I'm sorry, entirely my fault!

Perhaps next time you can help me out a bit and tell me "boat's here Tam!"?



Yeah, meanwhile the rest of us were waiting and waiting in Nashamuauamablah for you to show up.

Geez, Tam... Get with the program!

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Honestly, I was most enthused about PUP before the pack came out... and I still think of the 3 it's the one I'll personally have the most fun with... But I just had a BLU in a party with my NIN last night and damn was I impressed.

His raw damage wasn't terribly great, but once you added in the enfeebles, debuffs and damage from spells he was most impressive. Using {Bomb Toss} he was able to MB his own skillchains, and do more damage than the BLM's MB. It was incredible. Plus, he had Metal Body, Cocoon and shadows (subbed /NIN) for when he took hate. Hell, he was my SATA partner with my slow THF and wound up tanking a good 20-30% of the battle (because the THF sucked-ga and did SATA so late) and he was able to hold his own... even as a Taru.

I'm very impressed with BLU now.

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i can see into the future

I already see a future nerf for blue... thats all i'm saying.

you need to get the new bodies for pup to make it worth while. each is 3 imperial silver

Also i think COR was a huge let down... i like gune mages but so far i haven't been impressed with them...


PUP looks to me like the most fun, watching the BLUs hit level 30's - I am most impressed with the BLU job.

I think Milotheshort is on to something. If SE can ruin RNG then I see no reason why they won't ruin BLU. As for it being 'hard' to get BLU's spells - well it is hard for RNG to come up with the gil for arrows and bolts, too.



This so-called "nerf" wasn't a "nerf"... IT WAS A BUGFIX. I am so sick of people saying they "ruined RNG" or "ruined NIN" or "ruined anything". Thus far, every so-called "nerf" they've done has been a very reasonable bugfix! The only exception is the MPK-patch's effects on BST, which caught SE completely off guard (they didn't even see that would be an unwanted side-effect until it was too late and they've already said they are working to fix that).

The simple fact is, they actually made RNG able to deal more damage! The one caveat is that they now need to actually do ranged attacks, e.g., attacks from a specific distance away.

For the record... here are ALL of the so-called "nerfs" and why they weren't nerfs:

  • MNK/SAM/DRG Nerf : This is the classic "nerf" everyone points to. Basically, when the game first hit the states, certain very powerful weapons had very powerful weaponskills that would gain so much TP back after they were used that the user could effectively self-skillchain forever.

    This meant that a MNK using combo or asuran fists, or a SAM or DRG using Penta/Hexa-Thrust, could self-skillchain an entire battle.

    Now, as you probably know, SAM's 2 hour is the ability to perform 3 weaponskills in a row and self-skillchain. Thus, in essense, SAM/DRG/MNK could do the SAM's 2 hour all the time, thus making the SAM's 2 hour pointless. Where I come from, that is a bug.

    The "nerf" was to reduce the amount of TP gained after the skills were used. This fixed this bug. It was a not a nerf!

  • RNG Nerf : The next big "nerf" everyone talks about. Before this "nerf" RNGs could be in what were known as "arrow-burn" parties where you get 6 RNGs, no real need for dedicated healers or tanks, they cram up against a mob and fill it with arrows. RNGs could melee with knives and didn't need to put much thought or consideration into their ranged attacks. This created an awful lot of bad rangers! Also, this whole thing went against one of the game's basic design goals which was balanced team play.

    The solution to this problem was to increase the cap on the damage the Rangers could do with their weapons, but give them a "sweet-spot" distance they had to be from the enemy in order to achieve that damage. This made them more like real rangers. Afteral, "ranged" here means "distance between a projectile weapon and its target".

  • NIN Nerf : Ninja has now had two things that people have considered nerfs. The main reason for these "nerfs" have been because SE has acknowledged "Ninja is a strong job". They have admitted several times that Ninja is stronger than they anticipated. So what were the so-called "nerfs"?
    • Shadows take enmity: When a WAR or PLD tanks, they take damage, and that damage saps them of their hate. A tank's job is all about hate control. So the WARs and PLDs had to do other things to keep and hold hate. The WAR has to damage the enemy with their powerful attacks and the PLD has to enrage the enemy by curing, covering, flashing, etc.

      The NIN, however, never used to lose hate when one of its shadows were drained. Thus, they never lost hate like the WARs and PLDs did when they were hit. So, NINs basically just had to stand there, provoke and keep shadows up and not have to worry about hate control. This made them unlike other tanks, and honestly, created a lot of lazy Ninjas.

      SE's solution was to make them lose hate proportional to the amount of hate lost had the attack actually hit them. This made the job act more like a tank, and made NINs have to do more to hold hate (they have all these other Ninjitsu and abilities that they never had to use before... Now they have to use them).

    • TP Reduction : The most recent "nerf" has been to reduce the amount of TP gained for NIN. This is because NIN, once you combine the damage from spell attacks with physical attacks, has become one of the most powerful damage dealers in the game. This "nerf" has been exceptionally minor, most NINs don't even notice it. Those with parsers have indicated it seems like a loss of around 5-10% TP gain, which is negligible. Thus far, very few NINs have really complained about this that I've seen.

    So there you have it. Every nasty "nerf" explained. I'd give anything if people could just think logically about these so-called "nerfs" before complaining about them!

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Couldn't we argue that most players are lazy? they don't switchout equipment or even use macros other than to convay dumb messages they find entertaining for example...

A melee status macro should be something like:

My Tp 5% My Hp 55/55 100% {call19}

instead of:

Mofo i'm gonna tear your shit up when this bizitch is 100% {call1}

first of all this does is spam useless stuff and pisses everyone off.

this is an example of the typical lazy player. they tend to have macros for even the most ubserd things like there 2-hrs

yet they never use equipment change macros or the like... i mean i can't stand it when i'm in a party and there is no "blinky" going on. Bah most ppl don't even care about how well they play there job just as long as they hit 75. I mean i personally don't think that you should use only lowball equipment, but gol does and he does his jobs quite well. like a quote on alla read "Better equipment doesnt make a bad player good, it makes a good player better" we forget that alot of ppl who play this don't require a lot out of themselves in RL so why should they in game.. i bet 90% of the ppl who play this aren't much better than simple blue collar laborers... not because they can't progress upward, but because they choose not to. You can ask for all the handouts in the world, but you'll never really appreciate it unless its something you accomplish on your own.

RNG nerf

I still consider the RNG nerf to be a nerf because of the interface. This is not real life, I can't use my stereo vision to guage distances accurately, I have to let the game draw the battlefield.

So when folks talk about "a sweet spot" based on Ranged Attack I know I will never be able to find it - I don't know how far I am from the mob! =^_^=

Because it is a game interface, not a 3D hologram.


You have a radar on the screen. That's how most RNGs gauge the "sweet spot". Now, the sweet spot is dependent on your weapon type (Gun, Bow, Xbow) but it is very easy to find out.

See this. There was a better post from a while ago, but I can't find it any more.

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I've not partied with a COR yet, but I've seen them in parties near me and have observed their spells and such.

Corsairs Roll would be very nice. An EXP boost is always a good thing. Some people are saying they might become an EXP-whore (like RDM is a Refresh-whore) but who knows. Some of the other Rolls look very good, but it would depend on if they were AoE whether or not I'll be really keen on them.

BLU nerf... Well, here's the deal. First of all, learning BLU spells is a HUGE uphill battle. Second of all, they really don't do much damage. Sure, one or two things can MB and do very nice damage, but the rest of their stuff is generally less then other's attacks. Plus, to really be effective, you have to have the same sort of arcana knowledge BSTs have on mob strengths and weaknesses. Long story short, any sort of nerf would make an already difficult job much more difficult... and I don't see it happening any time soon.

Sure, you can do some really awesome things as a BLU, but those things come at a pretty big price.

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