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Which of the current jobs is your least favorite to play?
Submitted by sam on Fri, 03/31/2006 - 20:09.
8% (1 vote)
17% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
8% (1 vote)
8% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
25% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
8% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
8% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
17% (2 votes)
Total votes: 12


Hah, can you tell I'm running out of ideas with these poll topics?

This one is kind of a throwback to two earlier polls.

Vis Maior's Journeys

My opinions

Warrior: One of my favorites. Your in the action, your dealing damage and besides tanking, you really dont have to worry about your other members much.

Thief: Defenitley my least favorite, it just seems so boring. Im sure its nice when you need some extra gil, but otherwise not a very interesting job to me.

Monk: Similar to warrior, but I like using weapons more than fists. I dont feel like too many of the monks abilities are worthwhile compared to warrior either.

White Mage: I have mixed feelings about this one. While I like the aspect of being a vital part of the party, the low HP and Defence, added in with the large amount of hate soaked up through healing just really turns me off to this job.

Black Mage: Same as White Mage

Red Mage: I like this job, unless im being thrust in as a main healer. I like using the red mage's melee potential and enfeebling magic.

Summoner: This is a fun job. Unfortunutly, in our world, its used more as a main healer when subbed with white mage, making this jub less fun then it origonally was.

Beastmaster: Dont have this one. I dont think id like it so I wont be getting it for a while.

Ranger: Besides the high cost of quality arrows these days, this job is a pretty fun job. Hang back and deal some damage. Pull mobs when asked. A fairly leisurley life. Widescan is great too.

Ninja: Another one of my personaly favorites due to its ability to sneak past monsters and its dual wield ability. Utsusemi adds a great deal of fun to this job. I think this is the most powerful job right now.

DRK/PLD/DRG: I dont have.

Bard: Very mixed feelings here. High demand for parties, doesnt really get involved in fighting, more buffing and debuffing than anything. It just seems to get really tedious.

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