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BCNM 60?
Submitted by cyclonus on Tue, 01/24/2006 - 20:35.


All you "need" for this one is a WHM...


Um....I have a 58 soon to be 60 samauri. If you need some dmg just ask. I would be up to try this bcnm and i have enough seals.


I would be interested in doing this and I could bring my SMN. I would have a little bit of everything to offer no matter what mob we chose to do. :-)

Vampiric Claws

My handy new Vampire Claws have a hidden effect against leeches, slimes, and ghosts ;-)

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Trick is...

To fight the ghost that relates to your PT setup

Using your Claws, we would fight the ghost weakest to ... Sharp/Slice weapons or Blunt Weapons?

Depended on Claws

I would wager you'd want the Sharp/Slice ones with the Ghost. I found that, generally, these Vampire Claws I do 3x as much damage to Ghosts in general than I otherwise would.

Now, what level is this BCNM again? If it was 50, then you could just load up on WHMs and Holy the crap out of them :-)

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LVL 60 but....

There are four ghosts in the BCNM. You only have to fight one. However, the trick is to select the ghost which is weak to your strengths.

For example: one of the ghosts is weak to piercing type damage; another to blunt type and a third to magic (don't remember the fourth); Not to say that if a blunt ghost was fought, holy would be totally ineffective. I just assume its effectiveness would be greatly reduced.

Allakhazam reference:

It does take many seals, I just think it would be an interesting BC to do.

Did you know?

Holy has a hidden effect? it disrupts the 's defense very akin to dia, but also helps lower it magic resistance. In a party situation it is often benifical for a whm to through up a holy before a Skill chain, the WS will variably do more dmg and so too will the MB. A method i use for spell casting is the following:

Target is weak to element (x), SC is (x) BLM should cast (y) were (y) is the polar element of (X) ergo the target boosts its spell defense to (Y) lowering it to (x), (x) should then do more dmg... pay attention some time in a party when 2+ mages MB the same spell, you'll notice the last to hit is always the most resisted, its part of the games counter balances to keep blm from one shooting easy pray mobs. I hate partying with another blm they usually tank my dmg there by wasting MP. So have the whm try to stick a Blind it will mostly likely get resisted, but you should notice a difference in the dmg output.

Method 2: Determing the elemental weaknes of mobs
There is an ENM in taz called Bad Seed, it is reguarded as one of the hardest ENM's because the mob has a shifting ELM defense. Even though it is plant based, it can have a high defense to fire. I preposed the following (untested, in bad seed only) method. Take a DRG/(DD) he has to have a sub which causes the dragon to use breath attacks or this will not work. The drg goes into the fight and pops an ic wing for 100% tp. Most of the time spent in bad seed is tanking the mob till the blm can figure out its weekness, this makes its weakness prominate. So the drg goes in and immediatly WS on the mob, this causes the dragon to use a breath attack. Please note that the ofensive breath attack is quoted from SE as: being able to better exploit the targets weaknesses. A well versed BLM can tell from the color, or name what ELM it is. THis is its weakness.

Prof: I took my DRG out to kon, and south gusta. Here i would gain 100% tp then fine a clean mob to ws on.
13 worms in south gustburg 13 were hit with a wind attack.
19 worms in kon highlands 16 were hit with wind 3 were hit with water
results worms are weak to wind, release notes state worms are weak to wind and light.

27 bees in south gustaburg 27 bees were hit with ice attack
11 bees in highlands 11 bees were hit with ice attack
results bees are weak to ice, release notes state worms are weak to ice

42 crabs in South Gustaburg 29 crabs were hit with ice, 13 were hit with thunder attacks
Results crabs are weaker to ice than thunder, crabs are weak to ice and thunder, release notes state crabs are weak to ice and thunder

100 gobs in south gustburg Day 1: 18 were hit with ice attacks, 2 were hit with fire attacks, Day 2: 27 were hit with ice attacks, day 3: 18 were hit with thunder attacks, 9 were hit with water attacks, day 4: 6 were hit with fire attacks, 17 were hit with earth attacks and 13 were hit with ice
Results show that goblins tend to be weak to a varying element... more research is required! However the release notes state they are weak to light, but gigas are weak to unknow, it is possible that all beasmen have an additional elem weaknes dependent on day.
Hobo's and chocolate sauce.

60? Bah

I don't have enough seals any more.

I'd be willing to try it out with someone else if they wanted me though :-)

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I don't have enough seals either. I think I need 11 more, will let you know. I would really like to try this.


Hah! You're online at the exact same time I am... you need to get on #clanam in IRC :-)

Go download and install Gaim and get online, foo!


Freenode (hosts #clanam)

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