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If we were to do a level 40 capped event (like CoP Chapter 2-3), what 40+ job do you have that you would be able to bring?
Submitted by sam on Thu, 11/10/2005 - 14:20.
8% (1 vote)
8% (1 vote)
8% (1 vote)
17% (2 votes)
8% (1 vote)
8% (1 vote)
8% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
8% (1 vote)
8% (1 vote)
17% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 12

I am all set to go as a mnk w

I am all set to go as a mnk with lv cap gear in storage and everything but i would rather go as rng which is where i put my vote. thing is ill need to bust ars to make time to raise my nin sub past 13 ><; a nerfed sub job will just not cut it in later CoP missions. So fer now i can really only be counted as mnk/war.


Yeah, I'd rather you go as RNG too. Thersty is really the best candidate for tanking this (he has WAR/NIN past 40) and my RNG is only 33. Since yours is 40 now, it'd be the best choice for RNG... if your sub was 20 (or even 18 or so :-)

No worries, this first one will be a trial run at any rate.

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Thersites will be happy to tank

I was planning to take my Warrior on this mission anyways. Mainly because I don't want to risk deleveling my Ranger main job, hehehe. At least not until we know what we are doing. I also have Monk over 40, if that would be useful.

2 SAMs?

Heh, when did we get 2 SAMs over 40? :-)

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Promyvion Minotaur

I should be available for one clan event any Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday Evening. For instance I did Garrison this last Friday, then you did not see me for a couple of days (studying).

Job I would bring is WHM42/SMN21

I would like to know if the WHM's do anything special for this fight?


Clan CoP

I can come as smn or blm whichever you prefer a clan CoP sounds like alot of fun so count me in ^^


I'm trying to get Brd to 40 and if I do I'll also get WHM to 40, time permitting. I have NOT voted because technically I don't have a job at or above 40. I have all my scrolls up to Mages Ballad, it isn't sold by a NPC, but it can be quested. I would like some help here but there aren't many ppl from Bastok on the LS. I need to have a party of 6 ppl from the same country for a quest that is before the one that I will get Ballad from. This is another instance where Bastok has screwed me over.

A slight Change

I will be gettin whm up to 40, if not over, on Thursday. I would like to get my AF1 done too. I won't know if I work Sunday untill Friday when I go in.

That's cool

If you can't show up, that's cool.

Something tells me from the last Garrison run that we will be set for healing, and what we may be short on is melee.

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Lock Picking Foo'

You're going to need a THF for the Minotaur. I'm your girl. :)


2 THFs

Actually, looks like we'll have 2 THFs. Mynx wants to come too.

If either of you had other jobs you could or wanted to bring, that would be fine as well.

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I'm not sure which job is more useful in the next mission. DRG will be at 40 definitely, but I can focus on RDM if that's helpful. I'll try to read up a little more and see if I can find any suggestions.


Well. here's the deal:

* We dont have to fight anything before the Minotaur unless we get aggroed or need to clear aggro. This means that, we only really need strong DD for the boss. This is because we will have at least one THF, so no need to kill fomors for key.

* We wont be fighting fomors for subligar drops because we want to keep fomor hate low enough that we can sneak past them. They wont aggro us as long as we have low fomor hate and keep sneak up.

* For the boss battle, I've heard strategies involving RDMs binding them. I've also heard that DRG with the wyvern can be really critical in bringing these puppies down.

So, long story short, both jobs should be valuable. It really depends on what other jobs are showing up. Right now, I'd say focus on the job you want to bring.

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and keep sneak up

"and keep sneak up"

Don't make the mistake of thinking WHM is good at Sneaking a party. That used to be true and I am always surprised how many still believe it remains true. You likely know better.

If you are going to move through an area with undead mobs you don't want to fight, and have even three folks, oils are better. Sneak cast got nerfed long ago. Also all members have to know how to select the Sneak icon on their screen to bring Sneak down in a non-aggro spot THEN re-apply with a fresh oil. Sneak never applies over Sneak.

Being level 40 I hope we all know this but I was being asked by level 30's to Sneak the party six months ago. Sneak duration is far too iffy under the new scheme of things for one mage to be responsible for four players' Sneak.

Sneak oils

Oh yeah, without a doubt I'd require everyone had sneak oils.

Sorry, I just assumed everyone would catch that was what I meant. Past 40, I've always carried a stack or two of oils and powders everywhere I went. You just don't rely on RDMs or WHMs to keep yourself sneaked and invised past 40 (unless you suck :-)

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