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Rules and Regulations for Garrison
Submitted by Gaara on Mon, 10/10/2005 - 01:11.

Well, generally speaking I would like to say congratulations and good work to everyone that has been there to make our success at the LS Garrison Events a success. The past few times we have have organized them they have been largely attended and well executed. However they are becoming a popular event and to come full circle a list of rules and guidelines needs to be drawn up to address any possible future conflict or questionable actions. I have volunteered to put this together and it is not to be taken as of yet as an absolute. This is a forum for discussion please use it to your advantage. If I have come up with something that you find unfair or bias in any way challenge my on it and we will let the majority decide which is the more decisive course of action.

Mission and Strategy

Garrison is a simulated war game, setup to pit your skill as a team against an onslaught of enemies bent on destruction. This event brings us together as a team to defended and fight for a group of fully animated npc's that will fight and die along side us. Our job as a team is to destroy the would be destroyers, and protect the lives of our fellows, npc and pc alike.

Every successful team needs to have a successful leadership. Without the head the body cant function. Therefore you need to listen at all times to the voice of your leader and act accordingly.

The leader is the one who has put forth the effort to organize everyone to location and is or has chosen a pool holder. Everyone will follow in accordance as to how that leader will run your group.

Trigger farming is not the responsibility of the garrison leader you will all be responsible for your own trigger item if you would like to bring one. There will be no farming for these items the day of the garrison so farm early or dont farm at all. The more triggers are farmed the larger the pool will grow and therefore the larger individual shares will be. I there are fewer than three triggers brought to the party garrison will not be run.

Conduct, Participation, and Chat

Idle chat in party and linkshell filters is fine up until the five minute marker before we begging the garrison. With those five minutes participation and job roles will be discussed. When the leaders have given the word everyone is to stop all chat, stop all battles, and stop all crafting. You will wait until explanations are finished to ask questions. Chances are, your question will be answered before you get to ask it so listen to what is being said.

Once all questions have been answered and all explanations finished the leader will check to see if anyone is afk. Through all of this no one should be talking unless it is a question to or in response to the leader. The leader will give the word to trade the trigger that will begin the fight, you are not to trade the trigger unless told to do so.

The trigger order in which your trigger will be used is decided the the lotting system. When told to do so all trigger holders will /random and the lowest number is the first to use, we will /random at the beginning of each garrison so you will have a new number after each battle.

Once we have killed the last enemy you are not to go afk until the lotting is complete. Penalties for leaving before the lotting is completed will result in you being kicked from the party and forfeit of your share of the pool from that run. Also if you go afk for more than 10 minutes without previous consent you will be booted from party and your spot is subject to be taken by anyone who is waiting in line.

For rotation of people in the alliance. Our rule up till now has been first come first serve. Anyone is free to come and go as they please or to forfeit there spot for a friend. However only to your sacrifice will your friend get in first above those who are waiting patiently for their turn to join. It will not be looked well upon if you say you are sacrificing your spot for a friend and then log off or afk for a long period of time. For the people who are waiting first come first served rule works as well you will /tell the leader or leaders and your spot will be provided accordingly. There will be no set limit as to how many Garrisons a person can participate in in one night other than your own personal limits.

A total of 18 people in alliance and 1-2 people running aggro watch will be the set limit unless otherwise instructed. Thats 19-20 people total no more will be given a cut in pooled gil.

Disrespect to fellow LS members or other party members will not be tolerated. We come to play fair and have fun, not to deal with unsocial dysfunctional people.

Violation of these rules could result in the sacrifice of your share of pool for that run, a boot from the event for the night, or possible permanent ban from all Clan LS Events.

Lotting Procedures

These may differ from leader to leader but a common rule of thumb used by many garrison leaders is as follows.

Mannequin Parts get auto distributed, and at the end of each run a parts check will be called. If you are in possession of more than one part and there are others who have none you will contact leader and then pass your part according to the directions you are given. we will use this practice until every person has at least one mannequin part. If you come in for only one run we will not guarantee a you a part. once full alliance has at least one part the rest are free claim if they drop into your inventory they are yours. there will be no lotting on mannequin parts.

Dragon Pages these will be lotted on one at a time and only when leader says to do so. When the word is given everyone will lot on the first page and only the first page. If you have already received a page claim from that night you will pass on all future drops for the rest of the night. Only when the first page is safely in the inventory of lot winner will you be free to lot on the second page, unless otherwise instructed.

Military Gear Weapons/Armor These are the main cash prize of Garrison and are to be treated as such. The trigger item holder will have a pick of one item from what is dropped on that run and that run alone. You will not be able to trade your item for something dropped on previous or future runs unless you work out a deal with another trigger item holder. Then rest of these items will be held by the designated pool item holder and will be sold the following week for gil distribution among the participants. If you would like to buy one of the pooled items contact the pool holder. No one will receive a discount on these items LS member or otherwise. They will be sold to you at full current market value.

These rules are at this point just a forum for discussion but will be implemented in the future once all have read and agreed or suggested and discussed alternatives.

Rules Look Good

The rules look good to me. Actually they appear to be the rules I was following during the last Garrison - except perhaps for a bolder stating of 'first come, first to fight' rule and of course the new AFK rules.

I remember getting a Dragon Page and passing on all future Dragon Pages until everyone had at least one page (only happened at the very end, right before the fight-which-could-not-be-because-of-24hr-timer). I remember thinking the Dragon Page rule was a quite fair rule.

And I remember collecting a Mannequin Part and giving it up because not everyone had a part yet, did a trade to the individual of the part he desired. Once again I remember being glad to do this.

The rules look good, sound fair.

Independent of the rules I think the last Garrison night informed me I need to observe my own limits, like in the future letting the Garrison Leader know that 7 Outpost Fights and I am done. Gil is nice, true, but so is going to bed before 4am. =^_^=

Departure Rule?

I am not sure if it is a 'rule' but Maior mentioned giving adequate notice you are abandoning the Garrison Party; so that a replacement can be scrounged for your position in the Alliance.

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