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This week in Vana'diel
Submitted by mAdBoY on Wed, 06/22/2005 - 18:25.

Hoping for a busy weekend. My wife will be out of town at a family reunion, so I will be around most of the weekend for anyone looking to arrange any events. Post your request or send me a tell online.

Down for whatever

Promyvion would be fun, but it may be hard to pull off. What we need for a really good run is:


This is like the ideal party. If we lack any of these or do any other combination we will need a larger alliance and it will be more tricky.

Otherwise, I'd love to try a Garrison or Ballista again. Both would have to be level capped at 30 to accomodate the most people, but we could easily do it.

Personally, my vote is for Ballista. The new Ballista rules mean we could actually gain EXP :-)

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I can do that, but I stoped the quest at a point and i dont remember what I have to do next. It was after I talked to the king of Sandy, any help please.


Okay, here's a good Ballista Guide that will get you started.

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I dunno

I dunno but I would like to try Promyvion. I've tried with abother party and didnt do so well. But I dont know if everyone has CoP. If you guys want to I would like to do it much.


If we do a Promy run or two, please please please PLEASE be sure to read Raven's excellent guide on it:

Promy is fun, but it can be difficult. The rewards may be any number of cool Promy-specific drops, as well as EXP for each member upon a successful run (I think it's 3000 EXP per ENM battle).

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