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This week in Vana'diel
Submitted by mAdBoY on Tue, 05/10/2005 - 18:37.

What do we have on the docket for this coming week? Submit suggestions/requests if you have anything you need help accomplishing.

Sunday afternoon

I will be online here shortly for most of the afternoon if anyone is playing. I still plan on working on Mission 4.1 if you are interested.

Also, for all M Elvaan who are interested in picking up a piece of RSE:

105/5/16 18:40 Elvaan♀ Shakrami Maze

I will be going after this tomorrow night and could use a little help.

Earth time?

Me no speak-a-de Vana'diel time. What the hell is that in earth time?

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Friday night

Alright, I have accepted mission 4.1 from Jeuno and will attempt to begin the traveling portion tonight if at all possible. My wife's family will start arriving later tonight, so I'm not sure how far I will be able to get before I am kicked out of the computer room. ^_^
If not, I will attempt to make it online Saturday evening and all day Sunday.

So far, we've scheduled this mission and another Garrison event. Please let us know if you're interested in participating or any events that you may need help with. Thanks


We scheduled this? When?

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Yes, Kyler requested it

In our discussion on....Tuesday night I think.


What would the time be? :-)

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i have a ton of stuff to do but im never on so its noone elses fault but my own lol...i need to get rank 5, get tele altep scroll, lvl, buy new scrolls, get the avatars and i kno its only solo, then lvl smn for my sub then lvl whm, get my AF weapon??? and ugh lol but i love the water jug thingy maior...streetglows rich!!! lol i finally found something that works for me lol ty!!but yea thats all i have to do lol

well we hope we can see you again.

We all hope to see you again, Drifter. I'm sure even Maior misses saying "No Drifter!" when we are doing a quest or mission and you are like, "Hey look at that monster, let me kill it." and you do anyway. Maior is like "Must you always do that", lol I always think that is funny. Don't worry, thats not a bad thing. We do miss having you around you really are a big help when doing quests and missions, I mean really since you been gone no one else is really around to heal us, so we either try finding a whm, or do with out. I try filling in as rdm, I do good but better if I were whm.

I would like to take another stab at Garrison.

I have a 7-knot quipus, and I would like to take another stab at garrison, if we have no other plans. From last time we learned that there are 4 waves of mobs, first 2 we handle well, the second 2 are a little more difficult. Here is what he need. We need A healer to heal us and candidates, it is important to keep at least one candidate alive. Also we need I think 2 people kiting. Possibly a Blm or Brd to put some to sleep such as in the last two waves when there are more mobs. we should be able to do this with a party of 6. I think we did quite well the first time for it being the first time. I would like the Manniquin legs if we get them again, there is also a chance of us getting manniquin feet, I already have feet so if we do, whoever wants them or we just sell them. If we survive and beat all 4 wave, additional prizes include any of the Garrison armor, and Dragon Chronicles, which gives exp. So for all interested in giving this another shot, lets start planning who is going and what job. Remember it is lv 20 cap so be sure to have gear of lv 20 or lower.

Today's news

I probably won't be able to make it late afternoon. My wife will be receiving her degree Saturday night, so most of my late afternoon will consist of shuffling family around. I will make it on earlier in the day if anyone is around. If not, Sunday should be wide open as well.


I still need feet! Please and thank you! I don't konw what my availability is going to be this weekend, though. If I'm in town on Saturday, I don't think I could pass-up another jab at garrison. I really do need to level WAR again. Otherwise I'll delevel and much unhappiness will ensue.


just wondering

will all the weekend events be at the 2EST on sat?


I personally think we should discuss the times for events inside these forums and online during the week. I'm sure we can come up with times that work with everyone if we just vote on it :-)

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Xill. . .!

Xill I don't know, what time, if you want and you come you can join. The last couple of weekends we have planned thing for around noon, and are generally, really don't get started til around 2 anyway, so if you want to join say so and of course we will wait on you. But we will still do it even if you decide in the spare of the moment that you have to go. Just let us know and tell us in advance. Trix, you know level war if you want if it is such a big deal to delevel I will powerlevel you back if you want. Really honestly, people take deleveling way to seriously, it is no big deal. I know I deleveled like 10 with smn trying that BCNM, and it doesnt bother me. In fact I didn't mind everytime I was kinda happy I ended up capping both club and staff skill at lv 19 for smn cause I kept deleveling. But like I said if it is a big deal to you and you dont lv war and you do delevel I will powerlevel you back if you want no big deal to me.

heh anytime after 5

after 5 is great for me, it just this week dont count on me being there unless i get "ungrounded" [damn HISTORY] anyways if you guys do it after 5 and im "UNGROUNDED" i can be your healer lvl 20 WHM.

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