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What is the most low-down, dirty, awful, crappy, difficult, cheap, evil quest that you are expected to do in FFXI?
Submitted by sam on Tue, 03/29/2005 - 16:29.
Subjob quest (level 18)
9% (1 vote)
Genkai 1 (Level 50)
45% (5 votes)
Kazham Airship quest (roughly level 25)
18% (2 votes)
Chocobo's Wounds (Level 20... 6 hours?!)
9% (1 vote)
Genkai 5 (Maat's a bitch)
18% (2 votes)
Total votes: 11

I think

I think as painful as all of these can be. the hardest would most definately be Genkai 5 the Maat fight. For one it is the only one where you basically do it on your own, and get put to the test on just how good you can do your job. And as much time as I spent on the Avatar battles, I am sure it will take me a good while before I will actually be able to beat Maat. At least all the others you can be with friends. Except the chocobo one but that is easy just 6 hours is annoying.

THF Cunning

I chose Genkai 5 because I've seen the fights and Maat is a real pain in the ass. He takes on the job that you enter with (including 2-hour), but he retains Asurian Fists no matter what job he is. What's really interesting to read (and probably the reason you'll never see a THF/Maat video) is that a THF only needs to 'steal' the Instant Warp from Maat to win. I've seen pics of THFs running in, and within 20 seconds grabbing the Warp and it's an instant win.

Now, before you get pissed that it's so easy for a THF to beat Genkai 5, it's not! To steal from Maat you pretty much need all of your AF Gear. AF Gear is not easy to get. If you do go in without full AF, your chances decrease and you have one shot to make it or die. Most THFs go through this fight 10+ times if they rely on stealing. Remember that every time you want to enter this fight, you need another Testimony, which are rare drops off high mobs. So it's no easy road.

Personally, I think I'm going to fight Maat. A quiver of Sleeping arrows to keep Maat in place, an Opo Opo necklace and Sleeping potions to build up my TP, and a couple SA+Dancing Edges on him. Kick-in the 2-hour and finish him off.


Number 1 is the worst I have done thus far. The rest are easy or look easy up to 5 (okay, the NMs are pretty hard for 2 but at least they drop the items every time LOL).

5 looks scary though. I haven't gotten there yet (I am 55 now) but I am not looking forward to taking on a monk with Asurian Fists! -.-

You bad speller!

Its GenKAI!

"Are you the one just for me?"


Actually, since this is Romanji (Roman-alphabetized Japanese), both spellings are correct.

The correct pronunciation would be:

g-ë-n kã-ee

So both "Genkei" and "Genkai" would be correct.

Vis Maior's Journeys

well. . .

what you said.

Kazham Ariship

Wouldnt know bout Genkai I read they are hard. Choco Wounds is easy, but the time goes fast if you lvl in Qufim and go back to Jueno durrning night if your carefull. Subjob can be hard if you dont get them while you are lvling, like i did.:-P

"Are you the one just for me?"

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