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Semi-Static Possible?!
Submitted by sam on Sun, 01/23/2005 - 18:40.

Hey, yesterday I realized something. I am level 40 MNK. Trix is level 39 THF (300 TNL). Craig is level 39 NIN (small TNL). Kyler is level 40 RDM. Drifer is level 39 or 40 WHM.

  • WHM
  • RDM
  • THF
  • NIN
  • MNK

Throw in a BLM, and you've got yourself one kick ass static.

Anyone wanna try being a semi-static party out? :-D All we need is a BLM (or maybe a SMN/WHM or BRD.. basically another mage to nuke/enfeeble/enhance the party).


And after you made such a big deal to me how statics don't work, and here you want one of your own...

For shame.... :)

Eh, bite me

I just said it should be possible. It looks like Drifter wont be able to join us anyway because she can't commit to one day a week for partying.

Oh well... I am popular enough I rarely wait long to level. Everyone respects Maior's mad gear, yo!

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ummm im 38whm :)
"Shikin Harimitsu Dai Komyo"

Then level up

Duh! Just go level! You can make 39 in no time...

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i told u ive been busy lately and wont be on much
"Shikin Harimitsu Dai Komyo"

UT2k4 Withdrawl

Hey, I'm finally going through UT withdrawl. I'm really jones-ing for a first person shooter where I can just enter, slaughter your asses, and feel good at the end of the night. FFXI isn't cutting it anymore.

Meanwhile, I was able to put one night every weekend aside for UT, I can do the same for FFXI. I'd actually be happier knowing each week that I'll be able to make 1-2 levels. Then I'd spend the rest of my time worrying about other things like making gil.

Moral of the story: Count me in.



Eh, we do need to get something of the old clan going for UT2k4, but other than you and Rooster, I am not certain who will be left. We can try something for it, but we will probably have to wait until the 2nd week in Feb before I can participate.

As for the static, I think the biggest problem will be in getting everyone online at the same time each week. Me, Drifter, Craig, Kyler and you will all have to be online with a few hours to spare at the same time every week.

Would a scheduling program online help out with this? Something where everyone just gets on and can somehow agree on the time?

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Places to go

Just wanted to remind people of the post of possible levelling locations I made before:

So we would have no problem finding a place to level (if you are worried about that).

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