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Diabolos/ Waking Dreams
Submitted by ICDeadTaru on Sun, 06/10/2007 - 14:49.

I think a lot of people need Diabolos prime still, so if possible I'd like to try to organize a Diabolos slaying event.

I talked to the pt leader of the quickest time last week and they won in under 3 mins by opening with:
*Barrage (RNG)
*Slug Shot (RNG or COR)
*Freeze II (BLM)
*Hundred Fists (MNK)

Im not sure why Freeze II and not a light spell but who knows. All DD/tank had to have opo necklaces and sleeping pots for TP to 300%.

Ive heard its easily won with a well-balanced party as long as nightmare is stunned and never goes off.

Let me know about interest etc. I'd really like to have diabolos in my summon stable for revenge.


I know Sundays are mostly taken but any preference on day/time for this?


I think I'm fairly open, with the exception of Monday and Tuesday nights.

Let me know.

If you need me, let me know.

Who knows one day I might level SMN like the other 80% of the ls.


Most of these runs are done with a rdm/drk. because
1. Stunning Nightmare is very important.
2. He can use it almost instantly.
3. He uses it more after taking more damage. usually at 90%-75% then again at 70%-50%. usually after 50% he just goes nuts and starts spamming it non stop. (This is where the rdm/drk comes in with Chainspell/stun)
4. You can beat this with a normal setup. I did. there is a trick to doing it though. you have to play 4 corners with him.



ok the 0 is where he starts what the tank needs to do is pull him to a corner and the mages stand in the opposite diagonal corner. the mages are just outside Nightmare range and still heal and fight.

example: T=tank M=mages 0=evil bastard sword


that is not exact but you get the point This is how I won my fight and it went very smoothly. just have to make sure that the corner you are standing in is not gonna fall.

And as always I am available to help if you need me. I have RDM 75 DRK 75 and SMN 75



I have this quest active, and would like to help out / obtain avatar. If a samauri would work into your PT mix, id love to drop a 2hr on him.

Note: Im not down for death-aga x20, so if the party setup is shaky or relies on a rdm/drk chainspell + stun, i'd rather sit out.

I'll go

I'm pretty sure I have the quest activated; I can go as either BLM or BRD

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