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What end game event would you most be interested in seeing ClanAM do?
Submitted by sam on Wed, 05/30/2007 - 20:05.
34% (10 votes)
31% (9 votes)
Nyzul Assault
14% (4 votes)
End-game Garrisons
3% (1 vote)
10% (3 votes)
Non-competitive (e.g., no dealing with asshole HNMLSes) HNMs
7% (2 votes)
Total votes: 29

For those interested

We can likely "low-man" this Salvage area: Arrapago Remnants

Because replying to your own comment is SO cool!

Low Man LBC blog notes here: Right here. .

That's the hardest of all the Salvage bosses.

So, who's down!?

Linkshell Question

I can do Salvage, but don't expect me to be great at Strategy until I see one through and can apply the words on the Blog to what I see in the Salvage.

Can't really do it this week though, already too much going on in ClanAM (like DM).

Shit.. let's just do something.

I think we should get more clanam peeps to sea so we have more options available to us.. (mostly because I want sea access and am greedy and selfish, but that's another topic). I don't care what we do... but would like the events to include more alliance-type things rather than party-type so we can involve more of clanam as a whole.


So it is approaching four years of FFXI play and I had to give the game some thought and I play it mostly for the social aspects. Competitive play - bleah, don't need that, already quit World of Warcraft.

At the end game some of the aspect (not all of it, some of it) is about high-quality drops. I have nothing against higher Garrisons but realistically I think the latest item additions to the game seem to be superior to what SE put in a few years ago. The quote I read on the web is "SE seems to be changing the game to one the players want to play and not one SE wants them to play." So I voted for non-competitive but I could have really voted for any of the others EXCEPT GARRISON.

Limbus, Salvage, Nyzul Assault - I do not care, as long as we can get numerous Clan to come to the event. So with that in mind I guess I should mention that ClanAM Weekly CoP is mostly finished with Sacrarium and we had eleven folks on last Friday night's run. A lot of the eleven needed Sacrarium. Of the eleven, eight are on ClanAM fairly frequently.

Except Garrison

Tam, I understand last night you were very vocal in the LS chat saying that you didn't want to do end-game garrisons...

Let me put this as plainly as I can:


You are a free agent, you choose your level of involvement. Nobody is forcing you to do anything! If you think they are then you are wrong!

Any end-game ClanAM thing will be completely voluntary, no one will be forced to do anything they don't want to. That's why we're avoiding things like camping HNMs that have long spawn periods and the like.

Thus, if we hold an end-game garrison, you are free to come or not come. In fact, with your attitude towards it, I'd really prefer you not come.

All that I ask is that you shut up about not wanting to do garrisons. Seriously, no one is forcing you to do them so just keep it to yourself, okay? Why bring it down for everyone else by whining about something no one is forcing you to do?

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Please choose one

I know there's many other choices, and some people may want multiple things, but please choose the one you'd be most interested in.

Things are slowly calming down for me and I should have more time in the coming weeks to think of this.

Note that there are some things (like Dynamis, or highly competitive HNMs) that I just have no interest in leading or sponsoring... so they aren't on this list and they won't be considered so don't mention them.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Some confusion

As I understand it, there's been some confusion over this. I have no idea why, it seems pretty straightforward to me..

Most of us have scant little time to play in the game. You know, we're adults, and we fucking work and shit like that.

Thus, anything that requires sitting for hours watching some spawn, or competing with other highly competitive and jackass HNMLSes is completely and 100% off the table for consideration in ClanAM end-game activities. And, if you need shit like that and are willing to indenture yourself to some HNMLS, feel free. But as for us, we'll be doing stuff that's fun, useful, and most of all, not riddled with competing jackasses.

Vis Maior's Journeys

Fun and social, please, with

Fun and social, please, with some decent equipment as a reward after six months of regular attendance.

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