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ClanAM Organization Problems
Submitted by Avatar76 on Mon, 03/05/2007 - 14:16.

Dear Folks, I like to thank everyone for being in ClanAM 1st off. Here the Real problems I see in Clan events. A: We have no clue at what point anyone is in Cops B: We Have no clue at which times anyone is available to do things C: The Other problem with Forums is information overload and the amount of reading need to figure stuff out. D: Some People dont use the website E: Other 10 people need a Cops Mission and 1 or 2 show up

Of Coarse, Do the Mission 20 times is not fun. Getting the People to do the mission with Experience. So am going to try a Area Based on Information only Here.
Please add only Job Levels, Cops Mission On, And Available Times.
Please dont add comments or any other Infomation
If u can edit these message Please add your Information to Mine

Jobs: Smn75 Rdm75 War42 Nin55 Bst40 Blm45 for Cops
Cops: 5-3 Snoll Fight
Times: PST M-F 5pm - 8/9pm Sat-Sun all Day except every 3rd weekend

Tamara Job: WHM70 COP


Job: WHM70

COP Mission:
5-3 (the three paths)
5-3-1 (not done)
5-3-2 (not done)
5-3-3 (not done)

CoP Availability:
Wednesday A.M. (not 2 p.m. Eastern through Midnight)
Saturday A.M and P.M
(Sat. night = "yes"; early, early Sun. morning = "no")


Jobs: BLM 75, BRD 75, other crap in 30s-40s, which I don't play.

COP: Done!

Times: Mostly weekends; Sat: 10-530ish EST. Sun: All Day


Jobs: RDM75 SMN35 WHM38 BLM37
CoP: Sacrium
Times: Eastern M-F 4-9 Sat/Sun All Day

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