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Carbuncle Mitts!! Do you need it?
Submitted by Deathstalker on Mon, 02/26/2007 - 03:48.

Hello ClanAm! I want to put together another run for the most precious "Carbuncle Mitts". I am hoping there are other members who need this, besides me. So please, any members that could help out and participate would be great!

What you need:_____________________________________________________

Lvl 70+ char
Hi-pots (DD)
Hi-Ether or Drinks (mages)

Now if i remember correctly, ClanAm had a Mitt run like 4 months ago, right b4 i took my 3 Month break. I was supposed to get mine then, but unfortunatly i missed out due to work.

I would like have this run on March 3rd around 6pm (Est).
If you are interested please reply!

I Need carby Mittens as well

hello clan am

i am in need of carbuncle mitts as well since my next 2 chars are smn and rdm. it would be greatly appreciated if i am allowed to go on this run with yall i do need them andmy smn is creeping closer and closer to needin them. thank you for ur time and understanding:)


If I am online when you run this event, I'll be there.

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