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COP static
Submitted by Darkkit on Fri, 02/09/2007 - 22:36.

Hello all. I know this is a sore subject and all. But I want to get sea access and finish up COP.

What I am looking for is 5-6 good people to do this with me. I want reliable people that can make it to all of the assigned events and if you cannot make it please tell me or another member of group. I will start where ever we need to do get all of this done. I am currently on the missions right before the Airship fight. Please if you are interested in doing this post your times, days, and jobs you have with lvls from lvl 30-75. Most of the fights are capped at a certain lvl but there are things we have to do like farm for stuff and there a few Nm fights that are not capped. I want to get this started in the next few weeks.

So please post here. I will check back every day to gather names and stuff. I will then contact you in game sometime to make sure that you don't have any questions about what is going to go on.


Promie static

i would not mind to join yea at all. me i havent started any at all so im basically fresh meat lol and new to this i want to reach the cop missions and start to join everyone. it would be greatly appreciated and i probley could come along as a blm/whm unless you really need a nin/war. just get back to me on your opinion. i can get on either of them that you need.


Well I could not make it on sat afternoon as I work 7-4 on sat. I would be able to do 7pm on sat but then that would mess with a different static that ava is running but we could always do that one a different day.
This makes 5 people, me, Tam, Trix, Xill, Sloth? or Avatarx? maybe both. That way we have a good group that has multiple jobs for the different missions.

By no means should this be limited to only 6 ppl. so we could always make room for more.

Really you should just talk

Really you should just talk to Avatarx. I am committed first, or have committed first, to Avatarx's Exp Static. He claimed Friday Evenings and Saturday Evenings. If he were to say, "no Exp Static, I am doing a CoP Static" then I would have that slot free.

At that point in time you may, or may not, contact me for your CoP Static. Keep in mind that everyone suddenly seems to want to create a this-or-that Static, but all I am seeing is Statics fall on their face(s). With one exception - it is a Saturday Night Static that Avatarx is in, but I am not. Seems like whoever is showing up for that Static are making it work.

Congratulations go out to those folks who are making that Saturday Night Assault Static Work!

7PM Sat.

That time works for me.

Slow & Steady

For a while now I've simply been relying on the kindness of pick-up parties to make my way through CoP. So far it has worked. I'm up to Promyvion Vahzl. Personally I've been wanting a static to have a reliable group that I can whip through this with. My Sacrarium experience last night had me seriously beating my head against my monitor. An alliance of people is much stronger, but so much stupider. I have no interest in repeating that.

Therefore I'd like to offer my services to any CoP Static. My only concern, as many of you have noticed, is my reliability at being static. Between getting on later than most during the weekdays, my out-of-town races on some weekends, and a few international vacation trips...I haven't been good to Maior's ENM static. Nonetheless, even as a THF, I think I make a pretty good addition to a group and will continue to try to get Sea access and Limbus.

Personally preference would be for Saturday afternoons.


I could do a CoP Static on

I could do a CoP Static on Saturday afternoons - I think folks would actually show up then for CoP. I don't have much confidence in other times during the week.

"Saturday Afternoon" to me is Noon Eastern to Eight PM Eastern. I try to be flexible, though some seem to think I am not =^_^=

Whatever. Leaving Darkkit to work on her static if she so chooses and Avatarx to work on his static. I have given my input on both. If I make one of these statics, fine, if I get kicked from all statics, fine.


Well that makes 3 of us whenever cyc comes back. maybe i can get mai avatarx and sloth to join up. that would give us at least 6 and we would only do this once a week at the same time, same day. and I will go back as far as needed also.

Would Like Too.

I would like to get my CoP as far as can but I'm only on Mammets and Ive only got RDM at 70 (hopefully 75 soon). As for times I'm pretty much free any night but I like to have Friday and Saturdays free.

I have given up on CoP. I

I have given up on CoP.
I have given up on Rank 5+ Missions.
I have given up on Zilart.
I have given up on Treasures of Aht Urhgan.
I consider FFXI story lines "off limits" for the typical western player.

All I can be counted on is Avatarx's one (or two?) weekly Experience-Points Static(s); that is all I am trying to make work in FFXI right now.

And though Avatarx has not said so I suspect if his Exp Points Static goes through to the AF Armor level I have signed up to help Static Members with their AF Armor, so I suppose I am signed up for those future AF Armor runs.

Windurst Mission 5.0
CoP Three Paths 0.0
Zilart -2.0
ToAU 15.0 The Black Coffin


Hi all,

I know I've been away for a while; I cannot even begin to explain the crazy hours on my current client - in excess of 80 hours a week.

However, we expect to complete our work here on 2/16; After that date, I will be on another client. I will be busy there as well, but no where near as bad as it is now.

I'm on CoP 8-1 and am willing to go back as far as needed, to help folks get sea access. To be fair, my playtime will be extremely limited; likely limited to Fridays and Sundays.

I can bring a BRD or a BLM.

Please keep in mind, that if you do decide to include me, I would like to stick to a schedule.

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