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Samurai AF Helm
Submitted by avayr on Wed, 10/25/2006 - 07:14.

Sup all.. Many of you know I have been leveling samurai pretty extremely lately and I am at the point where I would like to get my AF helm. This is a pretty bad ass fight with 3 demon NM in palborough mines. It is a BCNM and as such is 6ppl max. I would like as much help as possible. Level 70+ only please, as I feel anyone below 70 stands a good chance of dying. I hope to get this done on Weds or Thurs around 7pm pst. Thanks all and see you in vanadiel!!

No promises

I may be back in NYC on Thursday night, right around 7PM PDT.

If I'm online at the time, I can help out.

2 more weeks of CT...2 more weeks...


Holy cow, I didn't believe you until I checked it myself, but it is an actually BCNM, not a popped NM. I guess I didn't help DL with this, since I've never done a BCNM AF fight before.

Now, you say 7PM PST, do you mean PDT? 7pm PDT will be 10pm EDT, which means that many eastern people will likely be logged by that time (I know I probably will be).

If you make it Thursday 7pm PDT, I can try to show but we'd need everyone to be ready to go at 7pm PDT (none of this getting ready for 3 hours before we even head out).

By way of a heads up, my 360 gave up the ghost yesterday, which means I'll be on my PS2. This means my macros are all messed up, and that I wont have access to any ToAU areas. Thus, while I can help with this, I'm going to be limitted until my 360 comes back repaired (unless I can get ToAU to install on my PS2, which I'll admit, I haven't tried to hard at yet).

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Late (if I make it)

Sorry, but I may not be able to show up to help tonight. My wife was involved in an accident (well, she was, but she wasn't... it's complicated...) so I will be unable to join you guys at 10pm EDT.

If I do get on at all, it will be later than that.

If you don't get it done tonight, I'll be happy to help after my in-laws visit this weekend (after Tuesday).

Sorry, Avayr :-(

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Thank you to Maior, Arbelast, Kaikyo, Tamara, and Kittydoom (ClanofChaos) for helping with the Helm fight. It was a blast! I hope your wife is ok.. and have a great trip Maior!! Oh and an extra tyvm to Tam for helping me get to Norg and the thing with the gold thread (its a long story and Tam know's what I mean)!! Now.. just gotta wait for that damn NPC to make my shit.. LOL!

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