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Vis Maior's Get Rich Quick Schemes

Vis Maior's Get Rich Quick Schemes
Submitted by sam on Mon, 05/10/2004 - 17:50.

It should be noted that this guide is rather old (check the date, originally published in May 2004). So, quite frankly, a lot of this is probably not valid any more. Still, I'm keeping it around for legacy purposes...

So you've just hit level XX, and you need that new and fancy armor, spell, weapon, whatever that costs more than you've seen thus far in the game. Perhaps you need cash for some furnature, quest or mission item, or just need spending money for Mithra hookers (okay, maybe not ;-) How the heck do you earn gil fast?

Well, friends, have I got some great get rich quick schemes for you!

I'm crazy spoon-face! Look at me, I have a spoon for a face! Now... GIMME SOME CANDY

One of the hardest things fairly early on in this game is making money. Fishing, most trades, harvesting, and drops from mobs typically just give you small items that sell for not too much at the AH and for even less to NPCs. Earning gil by just randomly running around killing things, fishing, or just about anything else, is slow and tedious and will probably not be able to keep up with your level and cost needs.

However, there are few specific activities that will give you quick sources of cash. Many of them will increase revenue as you work at them to give you a more repeatable and growing source of income. My recommendation is to pick one or a few of these and work at them until you can earn some gil. If one isn't working for you, or isn't earning what you'd like, move to something else and try it.

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