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Submitted by rooster on Mon, 10/31/2005 - 16:52.

*Only for Windy citizens* (How to obtain Pitchfork+1)

Step 1: NQ Pitchfork
a) Partner with another player - preferably from windy too.

b) Go to Windurst woods: ask your partner to run to the npc disguised as a shade (you'll find it when running from moghouse exit to the dhamel farm, on the right side).

c) ..while you run to the npc near the gate to saru exit.

d) Trading one cookie (of any kind - ginger cookie worked for me) will turn your team into a Shade and Ghost respectively.

e) Both of you run to decoration with the moogles (location near exit to port windurst, after the fountain thingy)

EDIT: if there's nothing there, run back north a bit to the decoration found near the west side of the manustery (or, if that does not work too, run to the hut near the dhamel farm within windy woods and circle the decorations a few times).

Pitchfork obtained. Equip it^^

Final step: Pitchfork +1
a) Travel to South sandy. Find a npc named Machielle (G-9, Norcallen region merchant).

b) Both your partner and yourself must equip the Pitchfork BEFORE trading a cookie to the npc.

c) If it is on the same day, you need to trade a different type of cookie from the one you used in windy. Otherwise, trading the same type of cookie should be np. Aside from that, the time of the day does not matter.

d) Once goblin costume is obtained, run west-wards to a decoration without any moogles (should be hidden behind a foyer NWish of south sandy, E7 area).

If nothing is obtained after running a few rounds around the decoration, do not panic - just visit the other decorations in the same zone.

Pitchfork +1 obtained ^^

Just a few notes i thought to add:
1) I am not sure what happens if your partner is from another nation. Because so far I've only done a few runs with friends and my brother - which are all from windurst.

2) If you get an item instead of a costume, just trade a cookie or sweet of another type to get the costume.

3) If your partner already has a Pitchfork+1, he will need to equip the NQ Pitchfork, so that he can turn into a goblin too when in san'doria.
The reward for your partner will then become a Jack o'lantern (non-stackable food item) instead of Pitchfork +1.

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