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R&Rs Strategy Guide to Questing

R&Rs Strategy Guide to Questing
Submitted by ravenclaw on Mon, 03/14/2005 - 16:51.

Unlike certain other ClanAM members, I am someone who never quite has enough fame to do the things I really want. I just never can seem to figure out certain quests. Sometimes I can't get a quest I want, and other times I can't complete a quest I've been given. Well, with the help of my friends here at ClanAM I have managed to get a handle on things. So, for everyone else out there who, like me, just has a hard time questing, this guide is for you.

Why Quest?

Just about everything in this game is related to fame. Fame gets you cheaper items from NPC vendors, helps you get useful items to use in your play, and can even earn you money. The only way to raise your fame is to perform quests.

What kind of Quests are there?

There are 16 different types of quests:

  • Artifact

    These quests grant you Artifact (AF) armor for specific jobs. Usually, the AF armor is the best armor for your job at a given level.
  • BCNM

    These quests involve going to "Burning Circles" spread throughout Vana'Diel and fighting various enemies.
  • ENM

    A new variation on the BCNM theme where you fight enemies inside The Empty.
  • Garrison

    Defend a group of NPCs from an invading horde of enemies. These are level capped.
  • Job Related

    These quests grant you new jobs that you can play as. All of the Advanced Jobs are unlocked using Job Related quests.
  • Level

    At certain points in your career you will become capped at a specific level until you perform specific fights to prove your worth.
  • Map

    These quests provide you with maps to new areas.
  • Mission

    These missions let you raise and rank and provide the main storyline for the game.
  • Race Specific

    Quests that are specific to your particular race. These give you armor that boosts your natural weaknesses.
  • Relic

    These quests give you relic items that may give new abilities or provide useful/interesting boosts.
  • Special Event

    These quests are for special "one-time" events. Generally these are thrown in to mix things up periodically.
  • Spell

    Quests that grant new spells and scrolls.
  • Storage

    These quests give you more storage space either on your person, or in your mog house.
  • Weapon Skill

    Quests that give new Weapon Skills. Asuran Fists is a well-known (and impressive) example of this.
  • General

    All other quests fall into the "General" category. These quests provide items, gil, and fame.

What will this guide be?

It's not my goal to provide a comprehensive list of every single quest and mission in the game. There are far too many and sites like Allakhazam and already give you these.

Instead, this guide will be a hodge-podge of miscellaneous and difficult quests which seem to trip people up. If you'd like to contribute to the guide, please contact me in the game, in the #clanam IRC channel at, or as comments to this page so we can coordinate contributions.

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