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Kicking your RSE

Kicking your RSE
Submitted by ravenclaw on Tue, 08/17/2004 - 16:20.

I've been helping Sam and Bombastic get their RSE recently, and we've decided to write up a little guide to those others looking to get theirs. Read on to learn more about it.

What is the RSE and why do I need it?

RSE stands for Race Specific Equipment. It is equipment that only members of your particular race and particular gender can wear.

RSE boosts your race's natural weaknesses. So, if you are a Taru they will boost your HP, STR, and DEF. If you are a Galka, they will boost your MP and INT. Etcetera and so forth.

Because they boost your race's weaknesses, they will not often be very useful when playing as a job that needs your race's strengths. For example, if you are a Galka and are playing as a WAR, the RSE is a poor choice for your armor. Instead, the RSE works best when working on a non-standard job for your race, or some other job that really needs the boosts. For example, if you are playing as a Taru WAR your RSE is essential, or if you are playing as an Elvaan RNG your RSE can really give you DEX boosts.

A right of passage

Even if you don't plan on playing with a non-standard job (and you really should think about it, it can be very challenging and a great way to get more life out of the game) you should still get your RSE. Getting your RSE is hard, and is realistically a right of passage. It teaches you a lot about the game, and can help raise your fame. Plus, if you really don't want to use the RSE you can always sell it and make some pretty decent money.

Overview of the Quest

Obtaining the RSE involves a quest. Head to Lower Jeuno and to the Goblin shop there. In the back of the shop is a Goblin named "Guttrix". Talk to Guttrix to obtain the quest (if he doesn't give it to you, your fame is too low, go do other quests to raise your fame).

Guttrix will then tell you each in-game week (or approx 8 hours real time) where a particular race/gender should go to obtain a "Magical Pattern". If it is your week, you head to the dungeon he mentions and kill enemies until you get a Chest Key for the dungeon. Once you have the chest key, find a chest and open it. This will give you the Magical Pattern. Return to Guttrix to obtain one of your RSE items (there are four: Hands, Body, Legs and Feet).

Simple, huh? Well, not quite...

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