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TradeSkill Recipe Book

TradeSkill Recipe Book
Submitted by raprot on Thu, 08/12/2004 - 19:44.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Not too long ago Val took me logging in E. Ronf. It was my first experience with logging and it clued me into the world of tradeskills. Before this trip I had only worked on goldsmithing because Maior had told me about reverse-crafting Yagudo necklaces into copper ingots. Now I was making lumber and my own arrows. I was beginning to have fun, make money, and it was amazingly useful to make your own arrows when you're stuck in Valkrum for a week. As soon as I got back to Windy I had a new appreciation for tradeskills and now I'm delving into clothcraft.

Recently I've noticed that at a very low skill level you can begin crafting your own armor and weapons. In fact, I could have practically made my entire wardrobe before I left to Valkrum. For this reason and for my own general organization of recipes, I've decided to create a book for the TradeSkillin' Noob. And yes, this could be a person with a red question mark above their head or a level 35 Mnk who hasn't taken the time to do menial tasks and always has fighting on the mind.

My book will primarily contain my four favorite trades: smithing, goldsmithing, woodworking, and clothcraft. I'll start with the simple recipes, then continue on to what their bi-products can make. As I grow with my levels, so will my book grow with more recipes. For now I plan on making a 'Quick-Recipes Guide To Getting Started' book. If anyone else has experience with cooking, fishing, alchemy, etc. ...please add on pages. :)

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