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I get questions about this site and some of my other sites. Here's my answers to the most common ones

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Why a portal?

Honestly, it's because I get too many requests for one. For some strange and stupid reason a lot of people want to keep tabs on me. Might as well make it easy for them.

What does "Active", "Sleeping" and "Inactive" mean?


This means that the website is actively maintained. Note that my definition of actively mainatined might just mean I look at it now and then and update it once or twice a year. Just because I call something "active" doesn't mean its contents are "current".


This means that the website is currently not active, however I have not given up on it yet. Basically, I have every intention of returning to it someday, but generally cannot commit to when that will happen.


Sites that are inactive are ones that I no longer have any interest what-so-ever to maintain. I merely keep them around because I am kind of a stickler for not letting links die.

Why don't you just delete "Inactive" sites or pages?

I'm actually a pretty firm subscriber to the "Cool URLs don't change" school of thought. For this reason, I very rarely remove content I have created and publish for extended periods of time. And yes, this means even if I no longer have any interest in maintaining something, I will still keep it around.

I have found pages of yours not listed in your portal, wtf?

Listen, pal, I have made a shitload of content over the years. I have pages and things on my own sites I have forgotten about and only my defacement/security scripts actively check. If I find something I feel should be on the portal, I'll put it there. If you find something that you think should be there, email it to me.

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